Posted 07 Sep 2018 04:01 PM

Section 377 IPC, that denied India’s homosexual citizens the right to pursue their sexual orientation, applies no more to consensual sexual behaviour. In restoring their rights to equality before law, personal liberty, privacy and life with dignity – all fundamental rights guaranteed to an Indian citizen which should have been theirs from birth – a grave constitutional wrong that questioned the Republic’s commitment to minority rights stands corrected. The next logical step would be to recognise gay marriage.
But subsequent judgments including the historic Right to Privacy verdict and the present one have conclusively rejected the state’s right to police bedrooms or deny constitutional rights to a minority.
After all, current Indian politics is predisposed towards religion and caste – or more broadly towards large collectives having strength of numbers. This is where a judiciary committed to democracy and constitutional values is the last resort for harried citizens.
It is a proud and historic moment for the country.

Everyone is talking regarding article 377, Happy that people are acknowledging it with their heart. A little what i feel is that it is about falling in love with a human being and that's okay. I mean that's how it's supposed to be right. love has no bounds but our society made it ugly for sure. Though it is legal and India is multi colored now. But I hope the mind sets of the people also accept colors rather being black and white. Love is love and We must respect in what ever colors it comes.
live and let Live

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