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Hindi play ‘Naye Mehmaan’ staged
Posted 10 Sep 2018 02:59 PM

JAMMU, Sept 9: Theatre group Natrang here today staged Hindi play ‘Naye Mehmaan’ written by Udhay Shanker Bhat and was directed by Neeraj Kant.
Natrang also celebrated the birth anniversary of Bhartendu Harishchandra, popularly known as father of modern Hindi literature as well as Hindi theatre.
Speaking at the occasion, Natrang Director, Balwant Thakur informed that Bhartendu Harishchandra used theatre as a tool to shape public opinion.
The play ‘Naye Mehmaan’ presented a peculiar situation of a low-middleclass family which finds it very difficult to survive in summer days in the absence of proper accommodation and resources. Drenched in sweat, suffocated by the atmosphere, the family suddenly has an entry of unknown and uninvited guests. The guests, who claim to be very close, demanded unparallel hospitality which was impossible for the hosts to offer. After some time, the hosts ask the guests for their proper identity and it was revealed that the guests have mistakenly entered into their home and they belong to some other hosts residing at a nearby lane.
Artists who performed in the play were Shivam Singh, Vaishali Sharma, Sushant Singh Charak, Nisha, Aarti Devi, Sheetal Jadhan, Ujhwal Bandral, Sanket and Aafaque Khan.
The supporting staff included Neeraj Kant, Manoj Kumar Lalotra, Mohd Yaseen and Zeeshan Haider.

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