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Punjab women delivering drug consignments in Jammu remain ‘untraced’
Posted 19 Sep 2018 11:36 AM

JAMMU: The big sharks in the business of drug trafficking have reportedly roped in large number of women and educated youth to spread their network in Jammu and Kashmir. Most of these women are non-locals and have been in the business for a long time. Majority of them come from neighbouring Punjab and remain ‘untraced’.
These women have been roped in for the purpose of expanding sale of drugs at social gatherings. They have often seen attending parties, social events and networking with high society women in plush city hotels.
Growing frequency of such engagements across several big city hotels has already alerted the sleuths, who are keeping close eye on the notorious activities of some of these women.
A group of jewellers, who are already under scanner for their dubious dealings are also responsible for promoting these women and their role is suspected behind smuggling of drugs via rail route.
According to police, these women travel in a group of three to four and carry light luggage. Most of the times they are picked up by their local contacts from the Railway Station here and the same set of people come and drop them during their return journey.
Surprisingly, these women travel without any luggage during return journey. Believed to be hailing from Punjab, they frequently visit Jammu to deliver small consignments.
According to a senior police officer, Jammu is witnessing a new social trend where women are often seen enjoying their drinks and few among them smoking cigarettes too. They have practically learnt the art of camouflaging their appearances and mix up well with the local masses to sell sugar coated drugs.
Some of the addicts revealed that the network of these women is flourishing in Jammu with the exponential growth in the trade of supply of drugs. At present twin capital cities of Jammu and Srinagar are running a mad race as drug traders have spread their tentacles by supplying ‘poison’ to the college going students and unemployed youth.
The situation is no different in other remote and hilly districts where drug traffickers are gradually spreading their network. Frontier districts of Rajouri and Poonch have surpassed other districts of the Jammu province in drug trade.

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