Governor’s firm stand on tackling corruption in J&K rekindles hope -
Governor’s firm stand on tackling corruption in J&K rekindles hope
Posted 30 Oct 2018 05:34 PM

Not a single eyebrow rose when the Centre for Media Studies (CMS) in its annual corruption study – CMS India Corruption Study 2017- released in January this year placed Jammu and Kashmir along with Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh as most corrupt among 20 surveyed states. Reason; corruption and Jammu and Kashmir had become synonymous to each other. Taking advantage of the turbulent situation, everyone- the unscrupulous civil servant, the politician and even the separatist – has made the hay while sun kept shinning. The situation has turned so murkier that the people had lost the hope of getting out of the messy situation created by vested interests, due to lack of accountability and a part of appeasement, until a pleasant breather came from the Raj Bhavan this week. The incumbent, Governor Satya Pal Malik broke the shackles of hypocrisy, which has become hash-tag of ruling clan in the State, to call a spade a spade. He did some plain speaking about one and all. This surprised many. This also shocked many. The surprised ones are looking towards the shocked ones with contempt they deserve for having plundered.
watsupptoday is bringing out a series based on views of cross section of people over the sensational disclosures of wrong doings and possible measures being taken for course correction. And, of course the likely action against wrong-doers!

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