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Dr Jitendra visits Rassana protest victim, gives Rs 3 lakh cheque
Posted 05 Nov 2018 11:14 AM

HIRANAGAR: Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh on Sunday visited village Chanmorian in Hiranagar and met Vijay Sharma, the victim of grievous injuries sustained during the recent Rassana agitation, whom he had got shifted to Dayanand Medical College Ludhiana in a serious stage of coma and taken responsibility of entire treatment before Vijay recovered and returned home after several months.
Dr Jitendra Singh also handed over a cheque of Rs 3 lakh to Vijay Sharma, as an additional support during his rehabilitation phase.
It was a moment of great emotional outburst when Vijay Sharma broke down on recalling the miserable nightmare he had gone through and, the sympathetic and generous help provided by Dr Jitendra Singh during the most difficult period of time.
A large number of villagers gathered to meet Dr Jitendra Singh and thank him on behalf of the family of Vijay Sharma. They said, they would never forget the human attitude of Dr Jitendra and that the entire village will remain indebted to him for all times to come.
Also present on the occasion were BJP District President Prem Nath dogra, Advocate Vijay Sharma, Krishan Kant Sharma, Thakur Ranjit Singh and the family members of Vijay Sharma.

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