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Jitendra Singh's big statement said, 'some political party in Kashmir, the B-team of separatists'
Posted 09 Nov 2018 04:37 PM

In the Prime Minister's Office, the Minister of State, Dr. Jitendra Singh has said that a particular worm in the mind of the political parties which raise the issue of talks with all stakeholders in Kashmir.
Without naming the National Conference and the PDP, Dr. Singh said that political parties who call themselves the mainstream political party in Kashmir have actually been the beneficiaries of the separatists. It's like A and B team. The streak between these parties and separatists is very thin.In a special dialogue, Dr. Singh said that the friendly parties of the separatists insist on their dialogue and do not want to talk about separatist talks.

Separatists feel that if their group prepares talks with the central and central representative, their politics will be closed. They also have to show their existence in front of Pakistan, so such groups want to keep the case confused. The center is always ready to negotiate. Who prevented the separatists from negotiating? He said that Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh came to Kashmir many times and gave open offers of talks. Governor Satyapal Malik is also meeting people directly.

Interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma visited every corner of Kashmir and those who came for talks, those conversations were most discussed. Actually there is a worm in some people's mind that talks with separatists is a solution. Such people have been advocating separatists.
Dr. Singh said that the people of Kashmir have rejected both NC and PDP. These parties and separatists announced election boycotts in the body elections but elections were held in every field.

Now people's involvement in Panchayat elections is going to increase. Some people talk about Fake Freedom Struggles. Now Farooq Abdullah has suggested the Irish model.
It is an attempt to wander from issues. Actually, such a party is not favored for autonomy. Real autonomy comes from the body and panchayat elections, which these parties boycotted.

He said that the autonomy formula of NC and PDP is actually advocating autonomy for the family of some leaders. These people have been involved in the convenience. When they are in power, they tell Kashmir to be an integral part of India, and when they strip off power, they start lobbying for autonomy and separatism.

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