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Due to the poisonous Delhi-NCR air, rising pollution can provide relief
Posted 13 Nov 2018 12:25 PM

Delhi's air show a slight improvement on Monday. While the air quality of cities of NCR remains extremely poor. On Tuesday, there is more or less similar situation on Tuesday. Clouds are also seen in many areas today and it is believed that there can be rains in today or tomorrow, which will reduce pollution.According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the air is in the red in red in Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Haryana in the severe category. Meanwhile, the Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) has said that if the quality of air does not improve at the moment in Delhi-NCR, then only CNG vehicles can be allowed to run.EPCA has not taken any decision yet to stop private petrol-diesel vehicles, but seeking the opinion from the concerned departments has indicated that this step can also be taken if the quality of air does not improve. It will include two-wheelers to four wheelers.According to the 24-hour average Air Quality Index (AuI) report released on Monday by CPCB, Delhi's AQI is very poor (399) and other NCR cities have remained more than AuC (400).CPCB has asked the sick people to take special care in their health advisories and avoid the hard work of the common people in the open environment. This condition of air can remain till November 14.Personal vehicle back in town, increased bustle
After the long holiday of Diwali, many private vehicles from Sunday night till Monday morning returned to Delhi-NCR. The number of vehicles increased and the dust particles from the traffic also got the chance to fly. According to CPCB, due to the high humidity and temperature declines, the elements of pollution are stored in one place. Wind speed is also weak. More than 10 kilometers per hour, air can sort out such pollution elements.
Five times PM 10 and PM 2.5
According to the report of Central Control Room (CCR) set up in Delhi-NCR by CPCB, the condition of pollutants in Delhi-NCR of the Delhi-NCR region is very poor. Particulate Mater 10 and Particulate Mater 2.5 are very poor.
On Monday night at 8 PM, PM 10 records about five times as high as 457 with its normal standard 100 micrograms per cubic meter, while PM 2.5 also records about 262 micrograms per cubic meter more than five times the normal standard 60 microgram per cubic meter.

Particulate miter 10 in the air and a very fine PM 2.5 particles enter the body through breathing and these are dangerous for many organ. Staying in the influence of such pollution for a long time can lead to many diseases.
Delhi-NCR Air Quality Index
City auai status
12 November 11 Nov 10 Nov
Delhi 399 405 401
Faridabad 454 461 440
Ghaziabad 423 440 403
Noida 401 445 386
Greater Noida 454 436 420
Light rain may occur tomorrow
There is good news for the city residents troubled by pollution. The change in the weather can bring them some relief. According to the Meteorological Department, the direction of winds flowing in the city is changing since November 13. So far the winds flowing from the west are estimated to flow from today to the east.Also there is also the possibility of wind speed fluctuations. Light rain or showers may occur on November 14. Between 17 and 18 November, there may be a slight decline in city temperature. The effect of the acceleration of winds will also be on the pollution. Winds blowing at high speeds are helpful in reducing pollution. Also, if it rains, it also reduces pollution levels.

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