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Diabetes Diet: Here's Why You Should Drink Amla Water Daily
Posted 19 Nov 2018 05:18 PM

Diabetes is one of the biggest health concerns of the world currently. Often dubbed as the 'silent killer', diabetes mellitus currently affects over 425 million people worldwide. More than 72.9 million cases of diabetes were reported in India in the year 2017. Diabetes refers to a set of metabolic diseases which results in elevated blood sugar or glucose levels. There are different kinds of diabetes like Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. Diabetics are often advised to keep a close eye on their diet. While it is not possible to reverse the condition yet, experts say that the condition is manageable if the patient eats a balanced diet low on refined carbohydrates, engages in regular physical activities and takes prescribed medicines. In Ayurveda, the condition is known as 'Madhumey'. The ancient Hindu discipline also suggests many fruits and herbs that may help keep the blood sugar spike in control. Amla or Indian gooseberry is one such Ayurvedic wonder that may be one of the best additions to your diabetes diet.
Why Should You Include Amla water to your Diabetes Diet

Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Including it in your diet may help boost your immunity, metabolism and prevent viral and bacterial ailments, including cold and cough. Several modern studies have claimed that diabetics must include foods rich in vitamin C in their diet. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant too. Studies claim that oxidative stress may make diabetes management even tougher. Vitamin C enriched amla makes sure it fights free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Amla, along with spices like fenugreek, cinnamon and cumin, is one of the traditional remedies to control high blood sugar levels. It contains chromium which is known regulates carbohydrate metabolism and helps in making your body more responsive to insulin. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, amla is an effective traditional remedy to prevent pancreatitis. Insulin, which is produced in pancreas, is important to keep blood sugar levels in check. However, when pancreas tends to become inflamed, it causes pancreatitis that may injure insulin-secreting cells and result in a spike in high blood sugar levels. Therefore, amla is known to control pancreatitis and eventually manage blood sugar levels effectively.

Amla or Indian gooseberries can be consumed fresh and raw or in murrabbas. But since they are bitter in taste, it is not easy for everybody to palate the same. You can mix a spoonful of the amla powder you get in market in a glass of water and drink it daily on an empty stomach, you can also add a dash of lemon juice and rock salt to it. You can make Amla powders at home too. Cut a few amla fruits into small pieces and keep them out in the sun to dry for 3-4 days. Now take these dried amla pieces and blend them in a mixer grinder. Your amla powder is ready.

Try this easy home remedies to keep your blood sugar levels in check. However, do remember to not go overboard with it. Too much of anything is never a sustainable strategy to manage any condition.

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