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Dissolution of Assembly: Eminent citizens comment
Posted 26 Nov 2018 05:01 PM

Here is what cross section of people feel and say..
Brig Sukhdev Singh (retd) said, “Wasting no time after knowing the fact that parties inimical to welfare of J&K State have joined hands just to satiate their petty political interests, Governor Satya Pal Malik’s well calculated move of dissolving Legislative Assembly has proven that he means business and will not allow anybody to do any kind of hanky-panky as far as affairs of Jammu and Kashmir are concerned. The emergence of overnight enigmatic affection of north-pole south-pole parties, which otherwise used to be on tenterhooks to nail each other and never missed any opportunity to dent the image of rival leaders was quite surprising for one and all.
The way Governor Malik has handled the situation in the interest of people of Jammu and Kashmir is commendable and for this he deserves kudos.
The exemplary zeal and grit of Governor Malik in steering the State towards new heights, shunning corruption and the corrupt whether it is at the level of Babus or the political class, which apparently is becoming evident by each passing day will surely have a revolutionary effect on the future of this State, popularly known as the Crown of India.
I congratulate the Governor and the people of J&K and wish them all success in their endeavours to bail out J&K from the state of quandary to prosperity and peace”.

Sushil Sudan, President Gram Swaraj Manch J&K, appreciated the move of dissolving Assembly by Governor Malik. He said the formation of Grand Alliance was only to satiate the myopic interests of parties involved. He said the previous elected representatives of various political parties have failed to come up to the expectations of the people. But the administration run by the Governor is appreciated by one and all. He asked the Governor to take stern steps to eradicate corruption from bottom levels so that the people belonging to middle as well as weaker sections of society will get a sigh of relief. It is the need of the hour to take necessary steps to control the rising corruption in the State, he said.
Sudan hailed Governor Malik for conducting the Panchayat polls in the State peacefully after passing of more than a decade.

Kuldip Uppal, Retd Assistant Engineer, PDD, said Governor Satya Pal Malik has brought a transformational change in the State since the day he has occupied the gubernatorial post. “He is considerate as well as tough as nails, as the situation demands so. His firm steps to expose and curb corruption in the administration have endeared him to the general public and his straight talk and message to the extremists and terrorists is that nothing will be achieved by them by use of guns or violence”, he added.
Kuldip Uppal said, “The recent action of dissolving the Legislative Assembly may seem controversial, but if analysed carefully, is indeed a welcome step”.
It is pertinent to mention that most of the political parties in the State were repeatedly clamouring for the same since the last so many months, he added.

Advocate Sanjay Raina, President People Forum, Poonch, hailed the bold decisions taken by the Governor Satya Pal Malik in dissolving the State Assembly, holding ULB as well as Panchayat elections and rooting out corruption, the mother of terrorism, in Kashmir. It became possible because of his vision coupled with long political and administrative experience which fetched dividends. These successful steps will leave indelible marks on the psyche of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for his pragmatic and positive approach, he added. “Had there been a PDP headed elected Government in the State again, the much controlled terrorism which flourished during its earlier spell of regime would have revived, the ULB and Panchayat elections were not possible and corruption graph would have been on next level”, Raina said and hoped that there would be accountability in administration, transparency in its functioning, fair and nepotism-free system of recruitment, equal development with fair distribution of funds to all the three regions of the State.

Tarun Uppal, President Youth Wing of Dogra Sadar Sabha hailed Governor Satya Pal Malik for dissolving Legislative Assembly for the betterment of the people of the State. He said timely decision taken by the Governor has saved the people of State from facing discrimination. He said already the people of Jammu region are facing the ire of Kashmir based policies. He said youth are the most affected lot due to prejudice in politics in the present era. He said the government has no policy for the welfare of the youth of the State. He said the drive against corruption initiated by the Governor has been welcomed by people belonging to all walks of life. The people of Jammu region wanted that the Governor’s rule should be continued for the welfare of people of the State.

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