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'Not Engineering, May Be Law': Court To Student After 9 Years... And 17 Compartments
Posted 27 Nov 2018 05:37 PM

NEW DELHI: If you are an engineering student and struggling with your compartment or supplementary papers, there are more troubles waiting for you. While disposing of a petition, the Punjab and Haryana High Court came down hard on an engineering student of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra, asking him to stop pursuing the course after starting it nine years ago. The court directed the student, who is left with 17 compartment exams currently, to pursue any other profession but 'not engineering'.
According to reports, the petitioner joined NIT Kurukshetra as a B Tech student in 2009 and spent four year stipulated course time there, but ended up with 17 compartments - also known as supplementary exams in some parts of the country, which are chances given to students who underperformed or failed in any of the exams in a programme to be declared to have passed the course -, then appeared for the exams in another four years.

In his petition, the student requested to High Court to allow one more chance to appear in the papers he failed while pursuing his graduation course at NIT Kurukshetra, formerly known as Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra, its admission process is undertaken by the HRD Ministry-monitored JoSAA.

The appellant said that he seeks mercy on which the High Court replied that 'you have mercy on this court and do not waste its valuable time and have mercy on this country and do not become an engineer'.

The Court also said that if he was not able to complete engineering in 9 years, then how will he clear 17 compartments in one chance.

The Court also suggested the appellant that he should select some other profession -- like law if he wants-- but not engineering.

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