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Old Tawi bridge needs safety audit; PWD hiring consultants
Posted 03 Dec 2018 12:02 PM

JAMMU: Panic bells have started ringing in the winter capital over the reports about strength of the pillars beneath busy Tawi river bridge, connecting old city with other parts of the city, ‘constantly declining’ due to regular erosion of soil and filing of basement with water. The audit of the safety of the slabs is also due and for many years no checks have been conducted despite the drastic increase in traffic.

In the absence of any check and regular monitoring of mining activity in the Tawi River bed, deep craters have come up encircling several pillars.
In the absence of timely repair, these gaps are widening and playing havoc with the overall strength of the pillars. Since traffic has not been halted for even a single day, undue delay caused in starting repair work on ground zero may trigger some mishap.
When contacted, Chief Engineer PWD Sudhir Shah told that the pillars are safe and that is not the issue. “The bridge’s slabs require an audit,” Shah said, adding “We have invited consultants for the safety audit of the old bridge.”
“Continuously increasing pressure on the Tawi Bridge is matter of concern and for its safety we are taking measures,” the Chief Engineer said.
“As the old bridge connecting Jewel Chowk and flyover is having one direction traffic flow, there is no immediate threat yet we are ensuring all safety measures,” Shah said.
Every year, the Tawi River flows above the danger level and that’s another threat. Moreover, from time to time several NGOs and prominent activists working for the cause of Save Tawi River have been taking up the issue of strictly implementing the court order of banning mining in the river bed as this is also a threat to the safety of the bridges.
Unfortunately it has been seen despite the ban, unabated mining was a regular phenomenon which had not only been causing a huge loss to the State exchequer but also damaging bridges, causing soil erosion and impacting the course of the river.

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