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Lord Brahma first to discover dinosaurs, mentioned them in Vedas: PU geologist
Posted 07 Jan 2019 11:31 AM

A geologist from Punjab University termed Lord Brahma as "the greatest scientist of the universe". Also, said that Lord Brahma knew about dinosaurs and mentioned it in the Vedas too. This geologist has been researching the origin and presence of dinosaurs in India for nearly 25 years.

The important center for dinosaur was India. Assistant Professor Anshu Khosla said, "There is nothing in this world that Brahma, the creator of the universe, does not know. They were well-acquainted with the origin and existence of dinosaurs. They have also mentioned it in the Vedas. Before knowing anybody in the world Lord Brahma discovered the dinosaur on earth. Before the extinction, India was an important center for the development and reproduction of dinosaurs. "Geologist also presented a research paper on the biotic assembly of scenes related to Deccan Trap in the 106th Indian Science Congress of Lovely Professional University in Phagwara.

Americans and Britishers go from Vedas to the dinosaur's rule: They claimed, "Americans and British people took the concept of dinosaurs and understood them only from our Vedas. Even though the dinosaurs had disappeared about 6.5 million years ago, but Lord Brahma would have been aware of the dinosaurs through his spiritual powers while writing the Vedas. This thing will not be accepted by everyone in this world, but it is true that the origin of everything including dinosaurs has been mentioned in the Vedas. Even the word dinosaur has originated in Sanskrit. The meaning of Dino is terrible and it has been translated from the word dye. At the same time, the other meaning of Tire is lizard, which is related to the effect (monster). This means that the mention of everything on earth is in the Vedas. "

Khosla claimed in 2001 that the remains of dinosaurs were found in Gujarat: Khosla claimed, "I, along with my team, discovered the remains of Indian dinosaurs in Kheda district of Gujarat and officially confirmed its name Rajasaurus Narmada." , "When in 2001 we found the remains of Rajasauras on the banks of river Narmada, we named it 'Raja' on the lion's side, which was a meat-eating dinosaur. It is our belief that Rajasaurus was related to Trinasaurus Dinosaur, which originated in North America, but we proved that Rajasaurus was a different dinosaur, which had existed in India.

The remains of the dinosaurs were first met in India in 1820: Khosla said, "India's first relics of dinosaurs were found in Jabalpur in 1820. This discovery was done by an Englishman who studied geology, but Lord Brahma knew about this. "

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