Sahitya Academy holds literary programmes -
Sahitya Academy holds literary programmes
Posted 27 Apr 2019 02:59 PM

Sahitya Academy New Delhi composed Gramalok and Literary Forum programs at New Model Academy at town Marchola and Harish Niketan Hr Sec School Sunderbani individually in a joint effort with J&K Social and Cultural Council Sunderbani on Friday.

In Gramalok program, 10 neighborhood Dogri writers presented their lyrics which incorporate Dheeraj Sharma, Pushkar Raj, Joginder Pal, Ram Pal, Birbal Sharma, OP Bhajwalia, Mulakh Raj, Amarjeet Sharma, Neeru Sharma and Sumit Sudan.

At NMA Marcholla, understudies likewise recounted their Dogri introductions which were very valued and remunerated by Darshan Darshi(DK Vaid)0Convener Dogri Advisory Board Sahitya Academy New Delhi.

In Literary Forum program, artists to be specific MM Sharma,BR Puri,KK Khaki,BR Bral introduced their Kavita Path and quickly portrayed their Literary voyage in the field of Dogri Language and Literature this was trailed by a communication between the authors and gathering of people.

Prior, Darshi Convener Dogri Advisory Board Sahitya Academy educated the august house about the different Literary exercises being composed by the Sahitya Academy, through Convener Dogri.

Parkash Premi, Mohan Singh, Dr Gian Singh, Rajinder Ranjha,Rishan Bral, Sanjeev Sharma including great get-together of local people journalists, intelligent people, Dogri darlings and understudies were likewise Present on the event.

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