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On-screen actor preparing workshop starts at Natraj Natya Kunj
Posted 27 Apr 2019 03:04 PM

A month-long actor preparing workshop of Natraj Natya Kunj entitled 'An Actor Prepares' begun here at Studio Ranglok, Bakshi Nagar, Jammu.

The workshop is being led by National Sangeet Natak Akademi Yuva Bismillah Khan awardee, Abhishek Bharti and Aaditya Bharti, a former student of Department of Indian Theater, Punjab University Chandigarh.

Leader of Group, Kumar A 'Bharti', who started the plan to sort out a workshop in city, said that the point behind directing the workshop is to find shrouded ability of youth other than teaching them about ground substances of theater.

The present workshop, comprising three-hour session consistently for a month, will include nuts and bolts of theater acting strategies like body developments, discourse work, Natya Shastra, grand plan, organize make, creative energy, perception and so on other than making members mindful about significance of coordination with co-on-screen characters amid play.

Rakesh Dogra, Vice President of the Group stated, "We have streamlined the sessions with exactness, which will assist the members with polishing their acting aptitudes, in this manner empowering them to perform in front of an audience with certainty".

Dr Rajinder Thapa, Advisor of the Group stated, "By methods for the workshop, we are attempting to change run of the mill contemplating shows. It is a push to make them mindful about the real world and wealth of the field."

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