State Football finals without Jammu group -
State Football finals without Jammu group
Posted 03 May 2019 01:32 PM

Giving little consideration to the supplications of Jammu Wing, the J&K Football Association (JKFA) has wanted to hold the finals of the 26th State Football Championship without Jammu group.

Notwithstanding, the departmental side of J&K Police, the champs from Jammu leg of the challenge, alongside J&K Bank Academy, have been incorporated into the three-group finals at Srinagar.

Essential to make reference to here that four groups made it to the elimination rounds, two each from Kashmir and Jammu leg of the State Championship. And after that there was a superfluous postponement in beginning of the finals at Srinagar by the JKFA.

"The elimination rounds were booked and groups were insinuated on an extremely a spur of the moment announcement. Since the J&K Bank Academy is spoken to by for the most part youthful school goers, the young men communicated their powerlessness to participate in the challenge because of their examinations. Be that as it may, the JKFA was inflexible to hold coordinates according to their will giving little consideration to the requests by the Jammu group," educated sources said.

The JKFA has drawn the installation with three groups of J&K Police, DFA Srinagar and Real Kashmir to play the alliance round from tomorrow onwards.

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