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Aam Panna - This drink will definitely keep you refreshing this summer.
Posted 08 May 2019 05:30 PM

Aam Panna is an exceptionally reviving beverage made utilizing Raw mangoes, crisp mint, sugar, salt and simmered cumin powder. Attempt it this late spring and feel cool, revived more than ever. Here is a well ordered formula to make Aam ka Panna Drink with Pudina at home.

Our method for beating this additional warmth is by planning nutritious coolers, dishes produced using regular natural products, for example, mangoes, watermelons, grapes et al. These natural products help us in staying hydrated, make our bodies cooler and even invulnerable us from the searing warmth.

Aam panna is one such invigorating beverage which my mother used to make each day in the long periods of summer and it was the main thing which was served when anybody went into the house, doing combating the sun and warmth.

As the vast majority of the Indian formulas, the formula to make Aam ka Panna varies from individual to individual. Some include mint and some don't. Some strip the crude mango before bubbling and some don't.

Heating up the mangoes with the skin on gives an average flavor to the beverage yet stripping them previously makes the procedure exceptionally simple. The expansion of new mint glue takes it to an alternate dimension.

What is Aam Panna?

Aam Panna is a tart refreshment made utilizing crude mangoes, sugar, salt and new mint. It is extremely invigorating and chills off the body. It is prescribed to drink Aam Ka Panna amid summers as a result of it's cooling properties.

Tips to make best Aam Panna

Pick the crude mangoes which are tart.

You can keep the skin on before heating up the mangoes. It gives an exceptionally unmistakable flavor to the panna.

Stripping the skin before bubbling makes the procedure simple.

In the event that the panna isn't exceptionally tart, you can add some lemon squeeze to it.

You can strain the panna before including mint glue and flavors on the off chance that you don't care for bits of mangoe coming in mouth.

You can likewise bubble mangoes in a microwave. Simply guard them in a microwave bowl and include some water in the bowl. Smaller scale on high for 10 minutes.

You can likewise broil the mangoes as opposed to bubbling them. The inconspicuous smoky flavor in this beverage will take it to a next dimension. The mainstream Bengali Aam Pora Shorbot is only Roasted Mangoes used to make Aam Panna. Do attempt this variety as well.

Cook the crude mangoes like you broil brinjal for Baingan Bharta.

Aam ka Panna Concentrate

You can make a concentrated blend of Aam Panna and use it as and when required. To make it, include less water while heating up the mangoes and don't add additional water to the panna. Store this pack in fridge for 3-4 days.

At the point when prepared to utilize, simply include 3-4 tbsp of move in serving glasses and top with chilled water.

Aam Panna with Jaggery

You can make a more advantageous and an altogether different tasting variant of Aam Panna by supplanting sugar with jaggery. Utilize fluid jaggery with the goal that it mixes effectively in the Panna.

Something else, grind the jaggery and include it in the panna and refrigerate for a couple of hours. Jaggery will break up after at some point.

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