Digital India, but where is the digitization in education department. -
Digital India, but where is the digitization in education department.
Posted 25 May 2019 03:09 PM

One of my cousin brothers scored 65% marks in CBSE and wished to pursue his studies in science stream but when he went to his school for selecting the stream he was very disappointed to see that his school administration was giving him Arts Stream although he was an above average student with all good Grades in all the fields.

So, his Parents decided to change the Board from CBSE to State Board with an intention of getting Science stream from the State Board. They went ahead to follow the process, Firstly they went to collect the Transfer Certificate (TC) from the existing school, then they visite the JKBOSE office to procure the forms and complete the formalities, then again they had to revisit the existing school to get the form countersigned by the Principal. They were even told to open a Bank Account. My uncle and aunt were so stressed out that they just wanted to give up from this tedious procedure, but being parents they didn't want to spoil the future of their ward. Finally, they completed the procedure after running all around to get their child admitted in a private school. Even the New school was adamant at providing science stream to their child, as they were giving science to candidates with distinction, whereas there is no such criteria in Public Schools. Our Govt is emphasizing on Digital India these days, but what about the main procedures like Admissions, Changing boards which need immediate digitization. Digitization in such procedures is the need of the hour as it will lower the consumption of time and energy both for parents, students as well as employees of the concerned department. Such areas are a concern should be monitored instantly and Govt websites should digitize on these procedures soon.

  • jyotin sharma

    Posted: 25 May 2019 at 05:15 PM

    I am really disappointed that despite promises by the government no such heed has been paid to this ultimate need for students and education systems of the country is really pathetic that private schools in order to get good results do not allow students with even 68% to get admitted in the science scheme and what to talk about digitization students have to run from pillar to post to get TC and than subsequent hicups add to their miseries govt shuld really come out some solution and digitise this department in such a way so that students are not affected as they are in their carrier beginning stage .....

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