Menstrual Hygiene Day: Menstruation (Periods) is no more a hush-hush topic -
Menstrual Hygiene Day: Menstruation (Periods) is no more a hush-hush topic
Posted 29 May 2019 12:39 PM

Thanks to many films and documentaries like Akshay Kumar's PadMan, that menstruation is no longer a secret to the men of society. However, there's still a long way to go. While the urban population has moved towards being more open about menstruation, there's still a section of society that's secretive about this natural process. It's important for young girls to be aware of periods before their first one, advise experts. According to a survey conducted by Everteen for the Menstrual Hygiene Day, menstruation is no more a hush-hush topic.

The survey had participation from 2,400 women -- working women in the age group of 25-35 years -- from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. As many as 67.7 per cent of women believes that popular Bollywood movie made people talk about menstruation openly.
Experts say a girl must be prepared for their first period.

This is what Gauri Singhal, Founder and CEO of FLOH tampons and Shelly Singh, Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant at Momspresso, recommend how to make your little girl's first period agreeable:

*Tell her not to timid far from periods: Repeat this the same number of times as you can - 'periods are not an unthinkable'. While pregnancy is commended in India, periods are treated in a secretive way. It's about time we break out of this backward socio-social attitude. The cutting edge ought to be that of the pioneers who at long last break the shackles and stand up unreservedly about feminine cycle.

Ensure it's a significant and an engaging one, for she may be the person who changes the manner in which ladies see their periods. In doing as such, she may very well change the world!

*We drain red, not blue: Leading brands that utilization blue ink to delineate period blood are basically joining a message of disgrace to periods. Tell your little girl that we drain red, and that there's no should be embarrassed about it. Periods should never again be a mystery among mothers and little girls yet can and ought to be talked about with siblings and fathers as well.

*Personal cleanliness is significant amid this time: Tampons and cushions must be changed each 4-8 hours relying upon the stream. What's more, she should wash herself each time she utilizes the washroom, and keep herself clean since menstrual blood can prompt disease and terrible smell. Amid the period, it is simpler to contract bacterial diseases or vaginitis.

*Disposal of sterile items must be educated to your young one: It's critical to enclose it by a paper and arrange this in the receptacle as opposed to flushing it down.

*Different ladies experience period torments at various forces: Tell her this is a piece of a typical growing up procedure. There might be issues, spinal pain, thigh agony and cerebral pains that may occur. You ought to settle on home grown period agony fixes that tactfully yet successfully relieve the spasms. Practicing may likewise deal with this.

*Make her agreeable: Comfort her by telling not be terrified of 'spilling' and on the off chance that it occurs, she can simply discard that clothing undies and utilize a crisp one. Additionally, notify her that different young ladies in her group are likewise experiencing comparable changes and they can observe each other's backs.

*You can run, bounce and even swim in the event that you need to: Tell your girls that they don't need to timid far from seeking after their interests notwithstanding amid those days of the month. With new creative ladylike cleanliness arrangements, young ladies can run, bounce, swim and exercise without stressing over stains.

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