Posted 28 Aug 2019 05:42 PM


In Almost all immature nations, where per capita salary is exceptionally low, pay disparity has brought about number of shades of malice, of which neediness is the most genuine one in India, notwithstanding all the improvement during the previous 62 years, almost 50% of the populace is poor and for more often than not experiences extraordinary conveyance. Urban poor in India are to a great extent the flood of rustic poor into the urban zones. These vagrants from rustic territories to urban communities could have crossed the neediness line, had mechanical improvement in this nation have been adequately fast to ingest the enough in the cutting edge fabricating enterprises. Be that as it may, this was not to be. The significant reasons for destitution must be quick consideration, if the target of killing neediness from Indian to be practiced.

In light of this, a need was there to set up an affiliation which join the neighborhood feel promotion commonality with nearby issues and moved in the direction of tackling and at last taking out those issues. Along these lines SAMAJIC ENVIRONMENTAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION' WAS FORMED.

"SEWA" pursues the 'base up methodology' in taking care of the issues for example it first examinations the issues looked by locals and other individuals having a place with poor strata and after that progresses in the direction of tackling those issues. Since individuals at the town and locale level are most appropriate issues looked by the poor in country regions, they are in better position to propose cures towards the issues.

S.E.W.A, is a Non Political , Non Government association, Non religious and non-productive intentional Organization committed for reasons for welfare of oppressed, vulnerable individuals of rustic regions of J&K.

It has been in a similar field since 1980. Begun at town Smailpur, District Samba attempting its endeavors to cover other remote and destitute territories of Jammu and Kashmir.

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