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'Salute ISRO': Delhi Government School Students' Message For ISRO
Posted 12 Sep 2019 05:05 PM

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Delhi government school students participated in a campaign to encourage ISRO scientists on their moon mission."Salute ISRO. India is with You," reads a placard held by school students in an image tweeted by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. In the wake of the valorous efforts of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) towards sending Chandrayaan 2 to the moon, children studying in Delhi government schools have come forward to lend words of encouragement for ISRO scientists.
"Our Delhi govt school students have a message for @isro scientists - India is proud of you. The story of ISRO's valiant effort to reach the moon has inspired an entire generation of children," tweeted the Delhi Chief Minister.Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. Manish Sisodia also shared pictures of Delhi Government school students with colorful placards expressing solidarity and support for the Indian space agency after it lost communication with the Vikram Lander.

Mr. Sisodia tweeted, "ISRO has inspired so many Delhi govt school students to become astronauts and astrophysicists. They were tracking the #Chandrayaan2 mission very closely. Sharing some heartwarming pictures of some @isro fans in govt schools."Students wrote messages like 'Delhi is with ISRO, Delhi is proud of ISRO', 'We, the students of Delhi government schools are proud of ISRO', 'We may have lost contact (with the Lander), but we have not lost our resolve' on colorful placards.

The teachers and staff of the Delhi government schools also participated with enthusiasm. A mentor teacher in a Delhi government school, Manu Gulati, said, "The students have tracked the whole journey of Chandrayaan enthusiastically. They dream of becoming astronauts and reaching ISRO and NASA, and it was the students who came up with the idea of organizing a support drive for ISRO. They came up with the powerful quote, 'Sampark toota hai, Sankalp nahi'. We are happy we could take up their request and facilitate the activity today, which encourages them to dream big."

Many government schools held interactive sessions with the students in the morning assemblies to inform and educate the students about Chandrayan 2. Government schools like Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya NFC, Dhakka, Punjabi Bagh, GTB Nagar, New Ashok Nagar and East Vinod Nagar, and Sarodaya Vidyalaya Mukherjee Nagar, Mahipalpur, and School of Exclellence Dwarka, among others took part in the campaign.

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