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5 Fall hairstyles that will make you want to visit a salon right now
Posted 26 Sep 2019 12:34 PM

Image Source : IndiaTV

Winter is knocking right at our doors and it's not just your wardrobe that needs a change but also your hair. 'Coz new season definitely calls for a new mane! It's time to get a makeover as we share these 5 hairstyles so cool, that'll make you wanna run to a salon right now. And the best part? They're gonna look good on all hair types. So go, have fun!

1. Slick-back hair
For times you wanna channel your inner 'bawse' and feel hot, this hairstyle will give you, and others all the feels. Wear it with a pant-suit, lehenga or an Indian suit and strut around in style. A smokey eye and simple makeup will fetch you all the bonus points.

2. Beach waves with flat ends
Just because the summer is gone doesn't mean you can't rock 'em beachy waves. Just plait your hair and night while going to sleep and that'll give you the beachy waves. And use a hair iron/ straightener to flatten the ends and ta-da, hello beachy hair-with-flattened-ends, perfect for fall!

3. Stacked up hair clips
Some have been loving this trend, some have been loathing it. But trust us, if you do it the right way, stacked up hair clips can look super hot. Take cues from the famous celebs who have worn the trend and looked like a million bucks!

4. Body waves with a deep side part
This hairstyle can make up for a perfect look for a date night or even for a day out with friends and it's extremely easy to do. You just gotta use a curling iron (even a straightener would do) and make some loose curls, do a side parting and pin-up the smaller section right above the nape of your neck. Bring the other section of hair to the front and... hello queen!

5. The half-up, half-down look
This hairstyle is just another form of the fountain choti that all of us have worn at some point in our childhood. All the celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Jaqueline Fernandez love it and we know why exactly - it is super easy to do, can make your face look slimmer and longer instantly and looks good on all kinds of hair. Perfect!

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