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7 Products To Make Your Homemade Cake Look Like It's Come From A Bakery
Posted 27 Sep 2019 11:53 AM


Baking enthusiasts may know all the tricks to make macarons form a crust and souffles rise up. And yet, an answer to the age old question continues to evade them - how do you make a homemade cake look more professional? Even if they know all about creating a perfectly moist and light cake, decorating it can be treacherous. That's what we're here for. With these 7 products, cake decorating will be a breeze and yours will look like it's come straight from a bakery.

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The Electomania Cookie Cutter Cake is a set of plastic cutters and punches to create designs of various flowers, leaves, hearts and stars of sugar craft material.
The Shopoholic Cake Decorating Icing Bottle is a double sided plastic bottle with a stainless steel nozzle that creates dual toned icing which can be used on a cake in whatever design you desire.
The Shafire Cake Decorating Mat is a silicone mat with 4 lace-like indentations which creates impressions in sugar craft materials to place as elegant borders around a cake.
The Wow Confetti Rainbow Vermicelli is one decorating item that any baker can use, no matter their level of expertise. Simply sprinkle on top of a frosted cake, whether it's a chocolate ganache or raspberry coulis cake.
The Evaluemart Icing Set includes piping bags, 12 stainless steel nozzles and a coupler to create different styles with all kinds of soft icing.

The Royals Pastry Tool is a set of 3 plastic tools that can be used to smoothen cake frosting and create designs with it over the sides.

The Bakerswhip Whipping Cream Powder only requires milk or water to create fluffy white frosting for your next cake.

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