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Durga Puja festivities in Delhi that you shouldn't miss
Posted 30 Sep 2019 02:48 PM

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Durga Puja is more than a puja; basically, it is a feeling. The entire of Bengal goes into free for all with the happening to Mother Goddess, and there are a ton of feelings appended to this celebration. Other than Bengal, the national capital also has a lot of festivities. The best Durga Puja in Delhi comprises of each one of those energies that Kolkata brings to the table, they have truly organized the equivalent showy behavior here in Delhi simply like those in Kolkata. Delhi Durga Puja festivities are much similar to their Kolkata partner, and guarantee insane five days of fun and skip, which finishes with a great deal of distress, and even a few tears, as Goddess Durga leaves to return home.

The entire undertaking begins with looking for every day, and after that with the happening to puja it transforms into a festival like no other. At the point when in Delhi, you don't need to chase for the most loved Durga Puja spots, since we here bring to you the most perfect Durga Puja Pandals in Delhi.

Kashmere Gate
Viewed as the most established Durga Puja in the city, this one appeared in 1909. The puja is a flat out hit among Bengalis in Delhi, and non-Bengalis additionally partake in the merriments. A puja that adheres to each standard in the book, and makes the multi day celebrations energizing and fascinating, this one is unquestionably an absolute necessity visit for enthusiasts. Without a doubt extraordinary compared to other Durga Pujas in the city, Kashmere Gate festivities are not to be missed. The pandal is wonderfully decorated each year, with one of a kind structures and that's only the tip of the iceberg, while the icon is straightforward, customary, and awesome without a doubt.

Safdarjung Enclave
Found extremely near the Green Park metro station, this one is controlled by Matri Mandir Samiti, and is one of the principle pujas of Delhi. The symbol is worked by craftsmen who are gotten from Kolkata, and the pandal is normally a reproduction of an Indian sanctuary. A standout amongst other Durga pujas in Delhi, you should visit this on your pandal jumping campaign. The beautifications of the pandal are exceptional, and the ceremonies are performed before several aficionados who come in to get a look at the goddess. You could come here for the Kumari Puja, and furthermore on Ashtami for the fundamental festivals. Delhi Durga puja doesn't beat that.

Chittaranjan Park
Home to the Bengali populace of Delhi, this one is for the individuals who might want to encounter the Kolkata vibe. There are four fundamental Durga Pujas occurring here consistently, with a ton of display. Throughout the years, the greater part of the squares here have begun to compose their very own pujas, thus you have an assortment here like no other spot in Delhi. By a wide margin the most quintessential Delhi Durga Puja experience, Chittaranjan Park or CR Park as it is regularly alluded to ought to be in your rundown of spots to visit during the celebration time. The region is effectively open from the Nehru Place metro station, and you are encouraged to go early on the grounds that the traffic can truly murder your soul.

New Delhi Kali Bari
An old Durga Puja festivity that started path in 1925, the New Delhi Kali Bari or Kali Temple is unquestionably a position of intrigue when discussing Durga Puja in Delhi. Initially the festivals were hung on Bangla Sahib Road, which was then known as Baird Road, this was then moved to the present day area. The festivals here are extremely customary, and this will give you a profound understanding into a deep rooted puja. The Durga Puja ceremonies have stayed unaltered since 1936, and there is likewise the chance to watch Rabindra Sangeet rivalry and recitation. A healthy social fest, the New Delhi Kali Bar puja is something that ought not be missed. The pandal is about a kilometer away from the Ramakrishna Ashram Marg metro station.

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