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Worship of Kharna to be hung on the second day of Mahaparva Chhath today, know promising time
Posted 01 Nov 2019 12:43 PM

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The four-day custom of Mahaparva Chhath of Lok Aastha has started on Thursday with Nahay-Khay. Kharna will be adored at night on the second day of the quick. The Vratis for Kharna have kept Nirjala quick since morning, after which at night, the vrat will adore wheat flour bread, organic product bloom with jaggery-rice and milk-made kheer, sweet kharna and after the puja, take the prasad Will do. From that point onward, the 36-hour Nirjala quick will start.

Aside from kheer, radish, banana are additionally kept in the puja contributions. On this day, Prasad is set up by consuming mango wood on an earthen stove. Vrati ladies take prasad at night simply in the wake of adoring Lord Surya. From that point onward, family and family get the kharna contributions. Individuals from great distances abroad go to Vrati's home to eat prasad of kharna.

Kharna Puja and Arghya Muhurta

Kharna Puja - Friday nighttimes - 5.32 pm to 7.40 pm

Archaya to Asthachalagami Sun - Saturday at 5.32 pm

Early morning sun - Sunday after 6.29 am

On Thursday, fasters washed up

Prior on Thursday, in the wake of washing up in the Ganges in the first part of the day, the Vratis made contributions of Nahai-Khay, pumpkin vegetable, gram dal and rice in the sacred way. The individuals of the house took the equivalent prasad to take the fasting contributions. A few people made prasad on the banks of the waterways and a few people venerated Nahay-Khay in the house.

Fair-like atmosphere at Chhat Ghats of Patna

Directly from yesterday, there is an exceptionally reasonable view on the Ganges of Patna. Game plans have been made for individuals to remain medium-term at the Ganges. Individuals from distant locations abroad are coming here to love Chhath. Chhath's ghats on the banks of the Ganges are full with the tunes of Chhath. The whole city looks 6th. With the quick, the entire family will be as one at the Chhat Ghat for four days from today. Such a conjunction of dedication is seldom observed.

Kharna today after bathing

On the primary day of Chhath, the contributions of pumpkin-rice are significant. On the second day of the celebration, fasting will happen from morning to morning. Throughout the day fasting on the banks of the house or stream will be cleaned with Ganga water. At night, by consuming mango wood in an earthen stove, I will make kheer with jaggery, rice and milk in metal or ceramic. At that point, in the wake of pounding wheat washed with Ganga water, she will make puri or roti with a flour. When the night is finished, the 6th mayya will be loved and get the contributions. From that point onward, the remainder of the family will get the contributions.

Significant ghats including Patna's NIT Ghat, Kali Ghat Darbhanga House, Digha Ghat, Bamboo Ghat have been set up. Since Wednesday, there is additionally a development in the business sectors. Vrati is seen shopping with her family in the market. Pandit Rakesh Jha said that a four-day custom will be performed in delicate and stable yoga.

From the pier to the road, the lights are drenched

The street from the ghat to Chhath is loaded up with every one of the lights. The quality of streets and ghats, enlightening with vivid and smooth lights, is being seen. Better pandals have been made by different adore panels. The melodies of Chhathi Maiya resounding from a similar ghat to the avenues are making the city 6th.

Auspicious coincidence of planets on the occasion of four-day ritual

Pandit Rakesh Jha said that Chhath Mahaparva has begun on Thursday in Kartik Shukla Chaturthi alongside Nahay-Khay on Thursday. Around the same time, fasting on Friday, taking the Prasad of Kharna and fasting for 36 hours, will finish up the quick with the offering of Arghya to the rising sun on November 3.

On Saturday, November 2, the quick will be given at night Arghya Tripushkar Yoga. A similar will finish up the quick by offering arghya to Lord Surya in Sarvartha-Siddhi Yoga on Sunday, November 3. Pandit Jha cited from the Puranas that Surya Shashthi is fasted for wellbeing, good karma and youngsters.

As per Skanda Purana, King Priyavrata additionally watched this quick. Ruler Priyavrat was influenced by uncleanliness. To mollify Lord Surya, he fasted on Chhath.

Shashthi Devi is the psyche sister of Lord Surya

Pandit Jha accepts that Manas sister of Lord Surya is Shashthi Devi. Shashthi Devi is likewise called Devasena. He said that Saptami Tithi is exceptionally dear to Lord Bhaskar, the divinity. As indicated by Vishnu Purana, Saptami Tithi was given to Surya at the hour of sharing of dates. In such a circumstance, he is known as the ruler of Saptami. Chhath Mahaparva is a celebration of refinement of body, psyche and soul specifically.

These things have significance in the quick

Soup, Dala - In arghya, new bamboo-made soup and dala are utilized. Soup is viewed as an image of ancestry development and assurance of genealogy.

Reed - Reed is an image of mending. Reed juice is viewed as helpful for liver.

Thekua - Thekua made of flour and jaggery is viewed as an image of success.

Ritufal - Ritufal has extraordinary noteworthiness in Chhath Puja. The Vrati accepts that by offering natural products to Suryadev, one gets explicit organic products.

A huge number of fans will assemble at different ghats of Ganga-Yamuna for loving Suryadev at night on the date of the commemoration. There is a ton of eagerness in the houses about the celebration.

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