Set up tribal development council in J&K: Poonchi -
Set up tribal development council in J&K: Poonchi
Posted 05 Nov 2019 01:42 PM

Source: Outlook India

A prominent Muslim Gujjar pioneer today solicited the Government from India to set up the inborn formative gathering in J&K for welfare of the Gujjar Bakarwal clan.

Shamsher Hakla Poonchi said the Gujjar Bakarwal clan was financially, socially and politically in reverse. This clan generally dwells in sloping and distant.

"Residence territories of Gujjars Bakarwals need streets, power, water supply, restorative and educational offices," he said.

Poonchi requested an exceptional bundle which would give push improvement works in the regions occupied by the clan.

He encouraged the Central Government to incorporate the Gojri language in the 8th Schedule in the Indian Constitution.

He requested to save the Assembly and Lok Sabha sections in the Union region of J&K for the Gujjar Bakarwal clan. The Gujjars Bakarwals of J&K has been partitioned into three clans — settled, half-settled and disrupted. The clan has its own impossible to miss position and claim character, traditions and a one of a kind lifestyle and they have made the locale their home. They have added to the advancement of the locale.

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