Advisory Council Need of the Hour in J&K -
Advisory Council Need of the Hour in J&K
Posted 06 Nov 2019 01:39 PM

Source: Social News

An advisory council of powerful voices and talented political lot, under the direct monitoring of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is seen as a necessity to fill the political vacuum haunting J&K since the August 5 decision of the scrapping of Article 370 from the Indian Constitution.
It’s time to look beyond the saffron prism, and to stir the political activity and internal dialogue to blunt international criticism.

The new narrative is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should pull the people of J&K out of the “wait and watch” approach, and give them partnership in the governance. He should match his words to empower the people of J&K; it is the new narrative among the people of J&K.

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