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Kashmiri leaders get permission to go abroad, order of release also started
Posted 29 Nov 2019 01:45 PM

Source: ET

The Central Government has started efforts at numerous levels to eliminate the political void created in Jammu and Kashmir. On August 5, whereas many of the leaders who were taken as a precautionary detention are being released sequentially, many have been allowed to go abroad in order that they will contact the individuals concerned and open the way for the restoration of the political process. Leaders detained in homes are also allowed to go to Jammu or Delhi in emergency situations.

Open relaxation of political activities: Sources said that for the restoration of the political process, the center has given permission to Congress, NC, PDP and other parties to carry out political activities in Jammu with instructions to not make any rhetoric on 370. The meetings of these parties are taking place in Jammu throughout one month.

Former Minister of PDP is in Dubai: Altaf Bukhari, expelled from PDP, has been allowed by the center to go to Dubai. Bukhari has good relations among all political parties including NC, PDP, Congress and BJP. He has been in Dubai for a week. the center is said to have sent him to contact some prominent Dubai-based people who are close to Abdullah, Mufti and also the Lone family for peacekeeping in Kashmir.

Release order:

The administration started the release of political individuals with relief in administrative restrictions so that the political process for resumption of assembly in Jammu and Kashmir starts. Non-BJP parties are not showing any interest in political activities in the current scenario. All want that with the removal of restrictions on prominent leaders, there ought to be a concrete initiative towards the restoration of state status. Non-BJP parties including NC, PDP, Congress have stayed away from the process of formation of Block Development Councils. 35 prime leaders of Congress, NC, PDP and People's Conference other in custody. 3 dozen different big leaders of these parties are under house arrest. the center is in constant process of dialogue with the leaders of these parties.

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