These five types of clay can help to get rid of skin stains and improve its complexion -
These five types of clay can help to get rid of skin stains and improve its complexion
Posted 29 Nov 2019 03:57 PM

Source: Insider

You must have heard about the Multani mitti and its beauty-enhancing properties from the mouth of the grandma and granny in childhood, that is really superb however does one do you, Multani clay isn't alone in making the skin healthy and glossy. There are many types of clay in the world, that take away skin stains and improve its complexion. today we will know about them only…

1. Kaolin Clay: Kaolin Clay is found in different colors. It doesn't increase dryness in the skin. White kaolin is mild in nature and is appropriate for sensitive skin. Red kaolin clay contains abundant iron dioxide and is extremely effective. it's used to apply body wrap on the whole body. Yellow kaolin is used to make soap and facial cleansers. Pink kaolin with a combination of white and red clay gives excellent results on the dryness of the skin.

Benefit: Improves skin health and brings a natural glow in it.

2. Resol Clay: It contains abundant minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, and Calsium. It keeps the oil balance in the skin firm. one of its biggest benefits is that it's a negative electromagnetic charge, that removes blackheads and different types of dirt hidden deep in the skin.

Advantage: Detoxifies and tones the skin.

3. Cambrian Blue: Cambrian blue could be a rare form of soil found in lakes in Siberia. it's a treasure trove of minerals and has an incredible ability to detoxify. It removes dirt from the pores of the skin, reduces wrinkles and keeps the top layer of skin healthy. it's also used in making ready face masks, special soap made for the skin, and detox bath salts.

Advantage: due to its wealthy mineral content, it's the superb ability of detoxification.

4. Red Clay: This form of soil is extremely useful. It not only cleanses the skin but however also keeps it shiny. Apply it on the face for 20 minutes and wash it off.

Advantage: Reduces the secretion of oil present in the skin.

5. Bentonite Clay: It has tremendous advantages. It also has many detaining properties.

Advantage: De-tan and removes dirt.

Keep these things in mind

1. Always make a coating of clay in a glass pan. don't use brass, steel or copper utensils.
2. Always use cold water to make a paste.
3. Always apply the paste on your face with soft hands.
4. People suffering from any injury, sensitive skin or the other disease of the skin ought to apply any type of clay on their face only on the advice of dermatologist.

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