Protest against throwing garbage, an effigy of NP chairman burnt -
Protest against throwing garbage, an effigy of NP chairman burnt
Posted 30 Nov 2019 01:44 PM

Source: Amar Ujala

The Panthers Party on Friday staged an effigy of the chairman of the town council at Salathia Chowk, protesting against the dumping of a highway on the city's dirt Ambihar area, even after the NGT imposed a fine. Meanwhile, the movement of vehicles was also stalled for a few times. The protesters said that due to the negligence of the city council, such a large fine has been imposed. The water of the Tawi stream is also being polluted continuously by throwing garbage everywhere the city in Ambihar. If it's not stopped soon, you may be forced to agitate in the coming days.

Panthers Party leaders and activists led by Panthers Party youth leader Jagdev Singh Jagga gathered at Salathia Chowk and shouted slogans by burning an effigy of the city council chairman. During this time, traffic was also blocked for some time. During the protest, Jagdev Singh Jagga said that due to the wrong functioning of the chairman, the city council has been penalized such a large penalty but nothing was done on behalf of the city council officials regarding the disposal of garbage.

He said that there were many warnings from the NGT about damaging the environment when dirt was poured on the side of the highway. In its reply, the city council also gave assurances several times to take necessary steps in this regard soon, but despite this, no one did anything. The NGT was forced to pay a fine of Rs 1.39 crore.

Warning - don't stop putting dirt, there will be a big movement

Jagga said the Panthers Party took to the streets several times to protest against the merchandising of dirt. Demonstrated several times in Dhar also in Dhar. NGT was also informed about this problem. After this, the NGT had to require strict action. Even after imposing a fine, the city council has continued to dump the city's filth in Ambihar. it's not been stopped yet. when it's raining, all the dirt reaches the Tavi stream and is contaminating the water. The Panthers Party is forced to perform again by force. He warned the chairman that if he doesn't stop putting dirt at the earliest, the forced movement will have to intensify.

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