In 2019, these fashion trends created a boom, a crazy world -
In 2019, these fashion trends created a boom, a crazy world
Posted 02 Dec 2019 05:16 PM

Source: Cosmopolitan

There is no doubt that with changing times, trends also change, however, there are some trends, that retain their magic for years. Be it the trend of puff sleeves or the bell bottom. In the starting of the year 2019, several trends were taken, but we are going to introduce you to those here who are the best in terms of style and comfort-

1. Laird Fashion

The best thing regarding this style statement is that you simply can layering as many garments as you wish. Combining rainbow sweatshirts and leather boots over black shorts, or a muffler layering over a contrasting hake neck sweater with boyfriend jeans. Except for this, it's also fascinating to team up Long Shrugs with traditional to western outfits. Due to fashion and luxury, this trend was overshadowed in the year 2019.

2. Stylish Bottom Wear

This year also saw a variety of experiments in the bottom wear, particularly in trousers. Shimri Bell bottom pants, notched pants, pleated textured, cropped pants, wide-leg pants were the most popular. Looking at the comfort, it might not be wrong to say that loose and wide-leg pants are going to be in trend next year as well as chemoflows in prints.

3. Oversized Shirts

Its fashion was seen from school to office whereas the ladies teamed up the outsized shirt with a pencil skirt in the office, the college women teamed with jeans. By the way, this fashion of shirts isn't recent. In the 90s, this trend ruled from the film industry to Hollywood. In the song 'Pehla Nasha' from the film 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar', actress Ayesha Julka wore a beautifully outsized shirt with jeans and a conventional skirt. Such shirts suit almost every body type.

4. Ruffle

Ruffle trend has been a good combination of favor and glamor. It was liked from top to sari in her blouse, Shraga Har. The magic of the ruffle sari was specified not only at the marriage however also at the official parties and events, but the women also carried it with great humor. Of course, ruffle outfits that appear as if precision can't be worn every day, but do keep their variety in the wardrobe. With this, there'll be no tension of what to wear for a classy look in any function. By the way, the trend of the ruffle is going to remain in the coming year also.

5. 4 Sleeves

Be it a blouse or a party dress, the trend of 6 sleeves was hit and fit in everyone. This is often as a result of they will be carried in any season. Net, brocade and or ruffle is tried in each one for variety in look.

6. Pleats

Whether wearing a pleated skirt or dress, it's a different look after wearing it which was carried by everyone from celebrities to common ladies this year. However with the ever-changing year, this trend is also going to be out, don't assume that in any respect. In the coming year, they'll continue to keep their place like this. So be cool and shop for plaited outfits and find compliments by wearing them.

7. Pastel colours

Earlier, at weddings, brides were seen in red, magenta, pink color lehenga, while this year they experimented with light and pastel colors. Not only this, but some brides also carried white lehenga. Pastel colors suit almost every skin tone. They give variety to the look and also the best thing is that they will be carried in any season. All these reasons made pastel colors popular and favorite.

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