Now employees will be able to celebrate the new year in parts elements of the country at the expense of government -
Now employees will be able to celebrate the new year in parts elements of the country at the expense of government
Posted 03 Dec 2019 05:40 PM

Source: Jagran

Government employees of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir can now celebrate the new year with family in any state at government expense like citizens of different parts of the country. lieutenant governor GC Murmu has approved the new rules for giving advantages of Leave Travel Concession (LTC) for the staff and officers of Jammu and Kashmir, exercising the rights granted under Article 309 of the Constitution.

State government employees, if they need, can apply for LTC in their respective departments before 31 Dec 2019. However, they'll not be entitled to apply for LTC until the year 2023. The LTC facility will benefit from 5 lakh government staff and their families in Jammu and Kashmir. The order of the lieutenant governor to approve LTC service was issued by Finance Commissioner, Finance Department, Arun Kumar Mehta on Tuesday.

Under the rules made, only LTC staff can get the advantage of LTC. they will attend any corner of the country once in four years for a vacation with the family. However, staff may avail LTC for their home town once in 2 years. Incharge Gazetted Officer will control the LTC of non-gazetted officers. At the same time, the responsibility of signing the LTC bills of the gazetted officer are the responsibility of the officer occupying the higher post. However, if the employee commits fraud in the name of LTC, then the disciplinary committee of the govt. can take appropriate action against him.

Meanwhile, the wife of a government worker, a mother with 2 children, a father divorced daughter, a younger unemployed brother may come under LTC. someone in the family of a government employee, whose income is less than 9 thousand, excluding DA, will be considered as dependent on the govt. employee. However, LTC will not be available in case of suspension of an employee. If husband, wife are government employees then they'll be able to take advantage of this facility as members of each other's family.

There will be no payment for travel by private vehicle. With this, it's necessary to travel through government transport or tourism authority. The LTC sanctioning officer may issue advance money to travel. However, it ought to be ninety percent of the estimated amount. during the journey, the employee can also encash his orned leave of 10 days.

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