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Why Sex Education Is Important In India
Posted 20 Dec 2019 06:22 PM


I can say from firsthand experience that more than 95% of people would not have any kind of guided access made available to them – neither by their teachers nor by their parents regarding Sex Education.
We might have studied from Top International, KV, Army, Sainik Schools but we all share this crucial gap in our curriculum. Setting the schools’ responsibility aside, our parents too didn’t find it necessary to impart knowledge about the most important thing they could – to their children as they grew up – other than how to file tax returns.


I still remember when there came any love-making scene in a movie, or a condom or Stayfree commercial – and this would echo with a lot of people growing up – everyone present in the front of TV froze for that whole 60 seconds. We continue eating food quietly like nothing just happened, concentrating on the food while someone manages to grab hold of the remote and change the frigging channel.

Sex is forbidden according to our major middle and lower-middle-class people. It is not a thing to be discussed among family members – lest on a dinner table.
Sex before marriage is considered preposterous in some orthodox families, where girls are sometimes killed when they fail to save chastity – for some stranger, her parents’ would have later chosen for her. Parents generally discourage their children to have relationships before marriage or to indulge more in inculcating friendships esp. in the case of the girl child.

Now the times have started to change – for the better, but our pace is very slow when compared on a global scale. What the West did in their 60s is what the East has now started picking on. Young parents are getting concerned about talking to their kids on topics like sex – corresponding to the rise in crimes against children. But the generation before that is still skeptical on various issues before they let their kids roam free. All the youth reading this would have no problem with the idea of Live-In Relationship, and some may even support it – but would they like to try asking their parents about living in with someone.
“Live In !heybhagwan… Log kyakahenge ?

We 90s kids got most of their sex education through pornography.
Most girls are lucky in this regard – coz our Mothers are very sweet and they love to take care of their little girls, go ahead and tell them everything they need to know well before time.
But Indian Dads are not as sweet as their female counterparts.

Some Dads do share genuine concern responsible for their indifferent attitude, considering the fact that boys’ puberty strikes during the important senior and high secondary years – and this information can dunk the focus of any serious candidate.

MMS Zindabad

I got to know about sex through my friend’s mobile phone back in the 9th standard. A tastefully done cinematography telling the story of Tarzan and Jane.
Just like me – Tarzan too was confused, not sure of what he should do after taking hurt, unconscious Jane to a safe place. Meanwhile, Jane wakes up from her sleep and shows Tarzan and me what everything is meant for.

I was so excited.
I couldn’t believe my eyes for the first time and hit the replay button to let the experience sink in. Those were some special 9 mins 46 secs marking the beginning of a whole new life.
For 14 years of my life, I thought that It can be used only to pee. Imagine your excitement if you found out someday – through a video that just by thinking you could fly!

Being a part of the glorious ‘Last Bencher’ culture, the best things you cherish throughout your school and college lives is the access to fun and knowledge – which the people sitting in front would never hear about.
You can hear the lecture on the tenth standard Reproduction chapter in biology from the best teacher of your country, and it can tell you all there is to know about the hormones, pipes, and mechanics – but it can never tell you how to perform the sexual act.
No wonder most men have no concern or show much interest in foreplay and after play other than intercourse. They were never taught and had no interest to catch up.


Won’t we just know it when we will do it?

Yes, we may get to figure out what goes where and how to do it, as it the least important part. What we need to understand are all things enveloping the relationship between two bodies and how they interact when we ditch ‘em clothes.

As with everything else in the world, we Indians need to take tuitions to be able to know it better. I can safely put across that more than 90% of active sexual people who had sex before 23, had access to porn and they would have watched it multiple times before doing it first time with their partners.
It’s always better to prepare something than just turn up with a blank face on the exam day.

SexEd is not just about sex.
Read below some pointers regarding why this education is deemed necessary.

1. Teaches us to respect ourselves and our bodies.

2. It helps us get comfortable with our OWN body.
Many people would have faced a time in their lives where they got stuck to some embarrassing detail about their body – while dropping clothes


Today this lack of information has put our society as a whole on the back foot as we try to fight discrimination against gender equality – focusing on the symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem.
Misconceptions about each other’s bodies, coupled with lack of sexual awareness sometimes lead poor, unemployed, vagabond gangs of drunk, insensitive men to commit atrocities – so horrible that never come even in our nightmares. ( DelhiJyoti-Nirbhaya Rape Case)

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi
SexEd cannot be covered in a three-day workshop or a one weekend lesson. This long article is not even the tip of the iceberg hidden below the ocean of possibilities.
I envisage a society where every gender is respectful of other genders without any discrimination of caste, color or beliefs. We are a group of 2-3 people who have the selfless drive to work on their own and hit the hammer where it hurts most.

The pen is mightier than the sword" –Edward Bulwer
We plan to use PowerPoints and funny stories to put the message across young minds and repeat the message till they get some hang of it. It is a very simple but utterly important topic made cumbersome by propaganda fuelled media.

I expect everyone who has read until here to ATLEAST educates their young cousins multiple times on topics such as safe sex and gender neutrality.
Though some of them may look too – ‘padakutypes’ – to you but may even be far ahead then exploring and experimenting with their sexualities. Tell them if their Parents’ have chosen not to.

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