Forced Hacking Of Internet in J&K -
Forced Hacking Of Internet in J&K
Posted 26 Dec 2019 05:47 PM


As the authorities have snapped mobile Internet across J&K to check the spreading of rumors, subscribers of landline broadband connections are now confronting the hacking problems as ‘smart’ hackers have managed to ‘steal’ passwords of broadband. Most of the broadband scribers have set ‘easy’ passwords so hackers are not finding it difficult to get their passwords through a simple procedure.

Youths have become 'wifi hackers' due to restrictions on mobile internet services in the valley. Many youth, especially school and college students, have been seen hacking the WiFi passwords of government offices, banks and even those using private broadband services. Although this is being done by the youth to download movies and songs, besides being active on social media, security agencies have expressed concern over this.

Typing the hacking software word on Google PlusStore provides hundreds of software to hack passwords. When used, they provide information about all the active WiFi in the vicinity. They also show specific locations. Seeing these locations, youth and children are going towards the areas with WiFi. However, a password hack is not so easy. In the interrogation of security forces, some engineering youths confessed that they hacked and distributed passwords and also showed the method to hack many students and other youths.

At the same time, many youths stated the motive behind hacking WiFi and keeping in touch with their friends on social media. He said that Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. can contact his friends from outside the state on social media.
They cannot watch movies without the internet. Cannot listen to the songs, hence coming here and running the internet. Downloading movies and songs. Explain that girls in areas where security has been relaxed, go to the park and hack the password and use the internet. Some of them are private carriers who are stealing the internet for their business.

Security agencies say that elements like separatist sentiments like these school and college students can also hack WiFi. He can provoke the Kashmiri youth by doing so. However, engineering students and school students are more password hackers. Recently five school students near Lal Chowk were seen running the internet in a corner with smartphones in hand while avoiding the eyes of security forces. He was accompanied by some college students. There was a government bank nearby. The students had hacked the bank's wifi password. Inquiries from them revealed that the password was acquired with the help of a special software. Everyone is downloading password hacking software from Google Playstore in the valley. At the same time, security agencies say that we can consider stopping this software until the situation becomes normal.

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