Are We All Getting Dumber ? -
Are We All Getting Dumber ?
Posted 28 Dec 2019 05:53 PM


The best thing a good school is that it can turn a dumb kid into a sensible normal functioning kid as he completes classes. And if teachers couldn’t help your special case, then your friends and other guys made sure that you realize you are stupid and need to work hard to learn.

In school, a stupid kid is constantly laughed at, kicked at and slapped at – by almost everybody who feels the responsibility to convey the poor soul that ‘he needs to catch up soon’.

This is PERHAPS the biggest thing which I miss the most in college, especially in Corporate.
In my small but fulfilling 2 year stint in the corporate sector I have come across more stupid people than in my 22 years of life. This is a take on how Cool became the new stupid post-2000 era.

The last decade was special in many ways.
For better, we got new technology to work with, exciting new jobs, everybody encouraging and talking about ideas. We got access to a better quality of service from every major industry. No more power cuts after so long. Realization of rights and justice for women and poor people. Rising Social awareness about Global events etc.

But as they say, calories come with the cake even if it is sugar-free – the information explosion past this decade has enabled everyone to be ‘knowledgeable’ in a few clicks of Google. People aren’t able to process the vast amount of information and are consequently forced to Pick and Choose for themselves. Therein lies all the fun.

People feeding off of stupid content slowly but steadily lose the ability to differentiate between stupid and sensible. Initially they ignore/ ridicule every sensible argument they know nothing about. Instead of getting back and do RnD on it, they get high by accessing more stupid stuff. Enough time passes and their brains crave stupid information like a junkie for heroin. Their minds go numb when presented with any sensible information.
As this condition worsens, stupidity starts reflecting from their way of talking, behavior and general social interactions. They have to know all the stupid stuff from Facebook and Whatsapp, they have to be in touch with Bollywood and IIFA awards. They have to watch TV and read crappy magazines to be able to survive.


‘You can’t judge anyone!’
‘Every person is unique.’
‘ I am what I am.’

I get sick every time someone pawns lines like these and justify their level of stupid. My mind simply refuses to wrap itself around this YOLO crap. Ignorance is bliss, they say but they don’t tell you how hard your life becomes when you are not ignorant – how tough it becomes to deal with the omnipresent stupid crap flying around you.

I may oblige you with stuff people say when they are caught too deep in stupid –
1. ‘ You don’t have the right to judge me, coz you’ve never been in my shoes.’
( Those must be some pretty crappy shoes)

2. ‘ If you point a finger towards me, the remaining other three are pointing towards You !’
( This statement is so illogical that I crack up every time I hear it. Such fun.)

I agree with the above said quoted lines but to an extent.
We as humans function purely by judging people around us. Our brain stores acquired active and passive information and basically judges the stored info while reaching to a conclusion. So saying someone not to judge is in itself a stupid argument.

Nobody is perfect.
Everyone falters sometime somewhere. Everyone is stupid in some ways, But everyone has levels.
Nowadays people stretch their boundaries and feel comfortable being stupid. They enjoy and cherish their high levels of stupidity. Stupidity is no longer seen as a stigma, it has become a way of life. Damn.


If you sit back and notice the people around, you may very well get astonished by their rising stupidity. I will rest my case with the below example which identifies stupid with simple logic.

People buy new phones and immediately get all the accessories which they find impossible to live without – cases, covers, skins and screen protectors, etc. Almost everybody has a little crush for that matt finish screen protector. Most can’t imagine their phone screens w/o screen protector. Accessorizing your phone is a personal matter – I totally agree.
But how many of the people use helmets while on 2-wheelers, how many use the seatbelt every day. How many people bought their helmets the same day they bought their bikes? 5% or 10%
All over India, I have seen just 2 to 5 % of women who actually value their head more than their hairstyle – wear helmets. Everybody else too… they are just waiting to get hit and then start wearing their helmets.

Now you tell me – I see a guy who gives so much crap about his 20k phone but zero f*cks to protect his own head, give me one logical reason not to judge him as a stupid dumbnut. The guy is plain retard. This is how we apply logic, conclude and certify a person as stupid.

BONUS: Nowadays almost all Nokia, Samsung, Moto phones have Gorilla Glass 3 screens which are scratch resistant and occasional splash resistant. I am carrying a screen protector-less phone for over a year now.

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