Makar Sankranti: The festival of Wellness -
Makar Sankranti: The festival of Wellness
Posted 14 Jan 2020 11:37 AM

Source: Hindustan

Makar Sankranti has great importance in Indian culture. Bathing, charity, and chanting are of great importance on this day.

The Sun will become Uttarayan, that is, the Sun will emit more and more light in the northern part of the Earth. This transition of Sun is happening in Venus-headed Purva Phalguni Nakshatra and in Shobhan Yoga, which is extremely beneficial for all.

Makar Sankranti Story
According to a legend, Shani Dev was not liked by his father Surya Dev. That is why Sun God separated Shani Dev and his mother Chhaya from him. In anger, Shani and his mother cursed the sun god with leprosy. Seeing the father suffering from leprosy, Yamraj, the son of Sun, the second wife of Sun God, did penance. Suryadev was freed from leprosy due to the penance of Yamaraja. But Sun God came in a fit of rage and 'Kumbh', which is the main sign of Saturn, in the house of Shani Dev and his mother. Burned down this caused a lot of pain for both mother Chhaya and son Shani. Yamraj, seeing his stepmother and brother Shani in distress, explained to the father Surya for his welfare.

According to Yamraj, Sun God reached his house to meet Shani. After the fire in Kumbh, everything except the black mole was burnt there. That is why Shani Dev worshiped his father Surya Dev with black sesame. After this, Sun God gave Shani his second house 'Makara'. It is believed that Shani Dev attained his father, home and happiness due to the mole since then the mole is considered to be of great importance along with sun worship on Makar Sankranti.

The zodiac changes of the Sun will be beneficial for everyone while living in the Moon's Venus head Purva Phalguni Nakshatra because this coincidence will break everyone's uniformity, which will lead to new ideas and new perspectives. New opportunities will also be received. Those people who are unable to make progress, they will get new will of progress. The money will also be fulfilled.

Changing the date of solstice is an astronomical event. There are twelve zodiac signs and the month is also twelve. The Sun changes its zodiac sign each month. Each zodiac has 30 degrees (degrees). In this way, one day of the sun is equal to 1 degree and that's why they change the amount as soon as 30 degrees are completed. The Earth rotates on its own axis in the Solar System, as well as moving on its axis, it also changes its location. Due to this behavior of the Earth, there is a huge change in the location of the Earth after every 27,500 years. Therefore, the date of this festival based on solar status also changes.

You will be free from
Sun related defects, this solstice will be a very important time for the solution of sun-related defects. If you are troubled by blood, progeny, brain problems or high blood pressure, then it is a symptom that the Sun in your horoscope is either located in Libra, or in Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces zodiac sign.

Remedy: To solve these health-related problems, take water in a copper vessel in the morning on Wednesday 15th and put kumkum, sugar and a bell leaf in it and burn the sun seven times with this mantra- 'Namo Namah: Sahasranshu Adityaaya Namo Nam: Hri Surya Nam: '. Donate sesame, red cloth, green fruit, and sugar or jaggery. Burn the sun every Sunday like this.

If you are troubled by the employment situation and also suffer from the financial problems, debt-related problems, then do this remedy on Sunday- sitting on the red seat and chant this mantra. 'Shri Shree Aditya Varna Tapasodhi castes, Shri Shree Mahalakshmi Namah': Then go to the pagoda and offer water while chanting Shiva mantras. Go to the temple of Lakshmi Narayan in the evening and offer a swastika made from turmeric on a coconut. would benefit.

The festival of chanting and charity will benefit you
According to zodiac signs, after chanting the following mantras with white sesame, if the specified materials are donated, then the planet's condition will be favorable.

Aries: Mantra- Oum ravaye nam:.
Donation Ingredients- Jaggery.

Taurus: Mantra- Un Mitraaya Nam:.
Donation Ingredients - Sugar.

Mithun: Mantra- Un Khagay Namah.
Donation material - water chestnut, coconut.

Cancer: Mantra- Jai Bhadraya Nam:.
Donation Materials- Milk and Rice.

Singh: Mantra- Un Bhaskarai Nam:.
Donation material-pomegranate.

Virgo: Mantra- Oh Bhanve Nam:.
Donation material - Green fruit.

Libra: Mantra- Oum Pushne Nam:.
Donation Materials- Rice, Citrus fruits.

Scorpio: Mantra- Un Surya Namah.
Donation material - milk and jaggery.

Dhanu: Mantra- Oun Adityaaya Namah.
Donation material- Chana dal, jaggery.

Capricorn: Mantra - Oon Marichaye Nam:.
Donation material - Peanuts.

Kumbh: Mantra- Oon Savitre Nam:.
Donation Ingredients- Sugar, Urad Dal.

Pisces: Mantra - Oon arkaya nam:.
Donation material - Gram flour.

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