Bamboo employment in Jammu and Kashmir, the six-point program recommended -
Bamboo employment in Jammu and Kashmir, the six-point program recommended
Posted 14 Jan 2020 12:56 PM

Source: Jagran

The market business of incense sticks in India is more than six thousand crores. There's a rise of ten percent annually. This trade is further promoted by making bamboo incense sticks for livelihood in rural areas. There are more than twelve thousand incense sticks manufacturing units in India in which 33 lakh individuals are directly or indirectly connected to it. There's a great deal of potential for bamboo trade in Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, employment opportunities can be created in rural areas by making incense sticks. This was said by Dhan Choudhary, an entrepreneur of North East end proprietor Swaraj Bamboo workers. He was speaking at the two-day workshop and exhibition held at the Jammu Convention Center Bamboo on a magnificent grass theme.

Managing Director of North East handloom and Handicraft Development Corporation, Dheeraj Thakuria said that the Ministry of Development of North Eastern States has said that many steps are taken to extend the financial gain of the individuals, as well as the introduction of Science and Technology Intervention scheme. Sanjay Ganju, CEO of Bhaskar Foundation and Director General of the Indian Federation of inexperienced Energy, said that bamboo industry in Jammu and Kashmir has huge potential. Bamboo is promoted in tourist areas. For this, the cooperation of the central government is necessary. the govt of India is giving special support under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi so the economy can be strengthened.

Vice President of Mutha industry Agartala, Rabin bose said that if Arab countries will use oil to strengthen the economy, then why cannot we promote the bamboo industry for our economy. He thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for showing interest in promoting the bamboo industry. CH Kharsing, planning advisor, North Eastern Council of the govt of India made six-point recommendations to promote the bamboo industry in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that bamboo trade is going to be promoted in Jammu and Kashmir by implementing a six-point program.

Six point program
1. Bamboo species will be identified through tissue culture research and setting up nurseries.

2. Bamboo clusters will be formed in bamboo growing areas in Jammu and Kashmir by including panchayats. Farmers' organizations will also be formed for this.

3. Cane & Bamboo Technical Center will be imparted training to farmers, artisans and bamboo entrepreneurs of Jammu and Kashmir in Assam.

4. Technical cooperation will be made between the govt of Jammu and Kashmir and Cane & Technical Center Assam to set up Facilitation Centers and Bamboo Technology Parks in Jammu and Kashmir.

5. Bamboo material will be utilized in construction work to construct rural houses and community buildings in rural areas.

6. Cooperation will be done between the North Eastern states and therefore the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to promote bamboo producers and handlooms.

The people of bamboo came to see
Bamboo product attracted everybody to the Convention and Bamboo Workshop held in Jammu on a magnificent grass theme. The artisans' hand skills made bamboo things a center of attraction. whether it was a cup or a tray, or a spoon, showpiece items, sofas, dining tables, mats or other things were very attractive.

The artisans of the North Eastern states of the country Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tripura, Nagaland not only showed their skills by cutting bamboo with better skill but also showed the importance of bamboo. The artisans presented info about how bamboo is used. Pinku Das, a worker of the school of design of the Department of Handicrafts in Guwahati, Assam, cut bamboo and made mats out of burqi. A the small machine was also installed for this. Inauguration of Workshop and Exhibition PMO in the PMO Jitendra Singh did it. GC Murmu, lieutenant governor of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir was also present on this occasion. Dr. Jitendra Singh went to the stall of all the North Eastern states with the lieutenant governor to not only see the items made of bamboo but also interacted with the artisans preparing the items from bamboo.

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