Now digital classrooms will be made in degree colleges of Jammu and Kashmir -
Now digital classrooms will be made in degree colleges of Jammu and Kashmir
Posted 14 Jan 2020 01:28 PM

Source: Forbes

E-content of curriculum and subjects will be made in colleges and universities of Jammu and Kashmir. The aim is to enhance the level of higher education. For this, the higher Department of Education has formed committees of Jammu and Kashmir University, Cluster Universities, Jammu and Kashmir. The committees will prepare an admission brochure for the 2020-21 season.

The government is taking steps to comprehensively improve higher education. Courses will be prepared to keep modern aspects in mind. Through e-content, students will be able to get data about related subjects and courses. The main objective of this can be that digital degree rooms are to be built in degree colleges in Jammu and Kashmir. Students will need an e-content course to study in the digital classroom. Education will be imparted to students through videography, internet or different electronic means.

Deans of Academic Affairs of Jammu University and University of Kashmir were made Convincers
The committee for the universities of Jammu and Kashmir has made the Dean of Academic Affairs of the University of Jammu and therefore the University of Kashmir a Convincer. Member to the Dean of college Development of both Universities, Member Secretary to the Nodal Principals of Jammu and Kashmir, Member to the Principal and Deputy Secretary of the government college of Engineering and Technology, Jammu and Kashmir and to the subject specialist nominated on behalf of the Member Secretary Member has been created. In a committee set up for Cluster University Jammu and Srinagar, the Dean of Academic Affairs of both the universities has been made the chairman. In this, principals of AS college Srinagar and Science college Jammu have been made Member Secretaries.

Members include subject experts to be nominated on behalf of the Deputy Secretary and Member Secretary. Both committees will validate the e-content of the courses. The committees will issue brochures for admission in the session 2020-21, course of admission process and courses in digital manner. Orders have been given to complete this process by 25 Jan

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