By 2024, Delhi will be seen in the new look, take a look -
By 2024, Delhi will be seen in the new look, take a look
Posted 16 Jan 2020 05:12 PM

Source: Jagran

If everything goes according to the plan, by 2024, the national capital of the country will appear in a new look. It also includes the expansion of Central Vista including the new Parliament House. One end of which will extend to the banks of the Yamuna River and the other end to a bio-diversity park proposed behind the Rashtrapati Bhavan. In which all the extinct trees and plants around the country will be preserved.

There will be enough space for MPs to sit
The most important thing in the modernization of the national capital is that under the proposed new parliament building, there will be enough space for the MPs to sit. Currently, each MP gets only 40 cm to sit. Now there will be 60 centimeters for them. The proposed Lok Sabha will be designed with a seating capacity of about 900 members. The proposed Parliament will currently have six entrances. The current Parliament has only five entrances. Overall, the new Parliament will be prepared on this theme, where democracy lovers can bow their heads with reverence. As worshipers bow with reverence in temples, mosques or gurudwaras.

PM and Vice President's residence will also be in Central Vista
With this, the major changes that will be seen in the national capital, the houses of the Vice President and the Prime Minister will also be built in Central Vista. So far, both the major and the most protected personalities of the country are far away from this region, which is an area for the movement of common people. Under this, the new office and residence of the Prime Minister will now be close to South Block. Similarly, the Vice President's residence will also be in the North Block, near Central Vista.

Dr. Bimal Patel is watching all the work
This task of revamping Lutyens' Delhi has been entrusted to Dr. Bimal Patel, the well-known architect of the country. Which are originally from Gujarat. Currently, the construction work of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor is under his supervision.

Significantly, the existing Parliament House has been around for more than 90 years. Also, they do not have the same strong arrangements for the earthquake and other security. During this time all the old Barrack Numa buildings around Central Vista will be removed.

Ten big buildings will be built for ministries on both sides of Rajpath
Under this scheme of modernization of Central Vista, ten big buildings will be built for the ministries on both sides of Rajpath. Along with this, a large conference room and museum will also be built in them. There will be under-ground connectivity between these buildings. In addition, they will also be directly connected to the metro line.

Heritage buildings will not be tampered with
On the status of heritage buildings under the Central Vista modernization scheme, Union Urban Development Minister Hardeep Puri clarified that there will be no tampering of heritage buildings. Rather it will be equipped and opened for tourists and common people.

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