Remote Irish island needs two people to manage a coffee shop -
Remote Irish island needs two people to manage a coffee shop
Posted 21 Jan 2020 12:34 PM

Source: Travel India

For all those who ever dreamt of living on an island, away from worldly pleasures and madding crowds, this is their chance to turn their dream into reality. A remote island in Ireland called The Great Blasket Island, has come up with a unique job offer. So, this remote and small island off the coast of Ireland is looking for two people to manage its coffee shop.

Recently, the island’s official Twitter account posted a tweet that read, "A unique position required — looking for long term management of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Couple or two friends," and since then, the post has gone viral!

The two people are required from April to October 2020, while accommodation and food for the two hired people will be provided, according to the post. Those interested can write an email to "Alice" and send it at the island's general email account: [email protected].

So basically, Alice and Billy who are island's employees are looking for a "fit, hardworking and enthusiastic duo," who can look after their coffee shop. The selected duo will have to serve breakfast, manage accommodation for new guests and run the coffee shop too. They will also have to clean the chicken coop, water the plants and light fireplaces for guests, among others.

On the island, there are five cozy cottages but only three are open to tourists. However, these cottages have no electricity or hot showers. But there is one small wind turbine which can be used to charge mobile phones or laptops. The laundry will be taken away from the island, washed and returned to the respective guests.

While this sounds a little offbeat and unconventional, the whole thing will definitely be a lot of new and exciting experience. The two employees will be given the space just above the coffee shop to live.

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