Best Decoration Award to Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department in Mumbai -
Best Decoration Award to Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department in Mumbai
Posted 06 Feb 2020 04:09 PM

Source: Scroll

The Tourism Department's stall in Mumbai was awarded the Best Decoration Award for promoting tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. Through the stall set up in the outbound travel mart of Mumbai, the tourism department gave a message to promote tourism in Jammu and Kashmir and invest in tourism in the state. The stall attracted people associated with tourism and forced them to take an interest in tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. The theme of the stall was the world-famous Basohli painting of the Jammu division and Gandola project of Patnitop. During this time, the stall of Jammu and Kashmir received the first prize for better decoration.

In Mumbai, the award was received by Deepika Sharma, the outgoing Director of the Tourism Department, on behalf of the Union Secretary from Yogendra Tripathi, Union Secretary, Ministry of Tourism. Several other senior officials of the tourism department were also present on the occasion. The Union Secretary praised the Jammu and Kashmir team for the better performance in the stall. He emphasized that the department should take further action by creating more and more projects for private investment in the tourism sector. This will boost tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.

A 130-member team from Jammu and Kashmir participated in the outbound travel mart. During this time, tourism organizations from different parts of the country were told how they can invest in the tourism sector in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The stalls were displayed at the mart by a thousand tourists associated with the country and abroad. The stall in Jammu and Kashmir showed 20 percent more participation than last year. About percent more people reached the stall of Jammu and Kashmir and they showed interest in tourism of this state.

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