Parasite Movie Makes History, But Why Is It So Popular. -
Parasite Movie Makes History, But Why Is It So Popular.
Posted 12 Feb 2020 05:56 PM


So, why is Parasite so much popular? It's basically a foreign language movie. It's in the Korean language, so those who don't understand Korean will have to take the help of subtitles. So what is the reason behind it's massive success worldwide even though it's not in English? Let's analyze it bit by bit:-

Synopsis :- It's about two families living in Seoul (South Korea), who are diametrically opposite of each other. Kim's are the lower-class, they live in the small basement apartment in destitute circumstances, while the Park's are the upper-class, they live in their lavish household. Kim find a way to get a job at the Park's mansion by deceiving and conning them and as the Park's are naive and inane, they fall into this clever gambit of Kim's! But Park's have demons of their own which are more callous and fiendish in nature! Revealing anything more about the plot would be spoiling it for those who haven't watched it, so I will refrain from revealing anything more.

Direction and Screenplay :- Bong Joon-Ho is famously known for movies such as “Memories of Murder”, “The Host”, “Mother”, “Snowpiercer” and “Okja”, has created his career-best movie in the form of Parasite. He has directed as well as co-written it and he shines in both the department. So according to me, he was a frontrunner to win “Best Director” and “Best Original Screenplay” at the 93rd Academy Awards.

Acting :- Each actor in the movie is brilliant, but Song Kang-Ho, Park So-Dam, and Lee Jeong-Eun are phenomenal. I disagree with many critics who say that there are other departments of the movie (like “Direction”, “Screenplay”, “Cinematography”, “Production Design” and “Sound Design”) which are better than the acting department, because if the actors don't portray their role properly and if they don't convey emotions and feelings through their character then no movie would work as it should. So all the actors in the movie deserve big applause.

Title :- Now, what is Parasite really about? Who is the real parasite in the movie? Is it Kim's family (who are living off the resources of the Park's)? Or is it Park family (who are dependent on the Kim's for all the menial work and hard labor)? The answer lies in the themes which the movie explores brilliantly!

Themes :- It's about social satire and classism. It's also about economic disparity and class struggle. But what's different in this movie is that here there are no black and white characters. There are no sure villains in it. At the beginning of the movie, we feel sorry for one family and we root for them but as the movie progresses it poses a question to us as viewers that are we rooting for the right people? Shouldn't we root for the other family? All these questions arise while watching the movie and more questions emerge when it ends!

Verdict :- So to say that “Parasite” is a good movie and worth watching, it would be an understatement. It's a modern masterpiece and an essential watch. It's without a doubt, the best movie of the last decade and surely it will become a classic in the near future!

So here's my two cents on the global success of Parasite:-

The main reason behind the movie's immense popularity is that everyone can relate to it. The rich can relate to it. The poor can relate to it. Because primarily, there are only two types of people in the world - Rich and Poor!

My Ratings:- 10/10

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