Dogri play staged at Chandigarh threatre festival -
Dogri play staged at Chandigarh threatre festival
Posted 17 Feb 2020 11:18 AM

Source: Scroll

Natraj Natya Kunj, a cultural society, today performed Dogri adaptation of Mahakavi Basa’s Sanskrit play “Urubhangam, The Shattered Thigh” at the Chandigarh theatre festival.

“Urubhangam” is based on Mahabharata and focuses on the story of Duryodhana during and after his fight with Bhima. Adapted from Bhasa’s original work of the same name by Kumar A Bharti, the play focuses on Duryodhana after his battle with Bhima, where he is bruised and battered and seeks redemption in a losing cause.

The set was designed and directed by Abhishek Bharti and Aditya Bharti. The production came out as an almost flawless presentation.

The cast included Akshay Razdan, Amandeep Sharma, Lalit Sharma, Mukesh Bakshi, Kanav Sahrma, Tejan Bharti, Aakash Sharma, Karan Mehra, Niharika Sakshi, Hema Shivgotra, Priya Sharma and Anshika Sharma.

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