This mulled wine recipe is sure to leave you in high spirits! -
This mulled wine recipe is sure to leave you in high spirits!
Posted 23 Dec 2016 01:54 PM

Winters are upon us, and it’s not just the cold that gets everybody talking. Those never-ending series of parties are a regular part of the conversations too. Now, how much ever you would fancy to sit at home with a steaming cup of hot chocolate or coffee during the dreaded hangover, the truth is, you would still go ahead with a glass of wine or any other liquor of your choice in the evening. Epicureanism is completely acceptable – and expected – during the holiday season.
If you are planning out your party menu or just hanging out at a friend’s place, we recommend you try out this Mulled Wine recipe by Nishant Choubey, executive chef, Dusit Devarana Hotel, New Delhi. Now, may think that it’s a Christmas special and might require a lot of effort to perfect it. Yes, you have to be very careful with the measurements but it’s not an unattainable feat. Also, there’s no rule book where it says that you can’t have it any other time other than on the day of Christmas. Not only is it a perfect blend of spices and a good concoction of a heady-high, but also a very good way to keep yourself safe from the winter chill. Cheers to that!
1 bottle – Full-bodied red wine (blend of cabernet shiraz )
20g – Star anise
10g – Cinnamon
10g – Cloves
1- Bay leaf
40g – Sugar
10g – Lemon zest
10g – Orange zest
* Mix the wine with all the ingredients mentioned above and simmer gently.
* Leave it on for 10 minutes and remove it from heat once you smell the aroma.
* Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy.

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