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Jammu Congress leaders expressed concern over the functioning of the Central government
Posted 27 Feb 2020 02:42 PM

Source: Greater Kashmir

State Congress Committee expressed grief over the loss of life and property in Delhi and appealed to the people to maintain peace and harmony. The committee while discussing the political scenario and security situation of Jammu and Kashmir said that the administration has failed to solve the problems of the people.

The situation in Delhi and Kashmir was discussed in a meeting chaired by the committee head GA Mir. In the meeting, Mir said that the situation is getting worse in front of the central and state government in Delhi. There is a huge loss of life and property. He appealed to the people to maintain peace and said that the plans of divisive forces should be thwarted. Referring to the problems of the people in Jammu and Kashmir, he said that different sections of the society, including youth, Demonstrating their demands. The decision to grant a five-year exemption in the civil service examination has been withdrawn. This has shocked the youth. The discriminatory SRO 202 from youth is still ongoing. Temporary employees are on the road to agitation. The administration should resolve staff issues. The central government and the Jammu and Kashmir administration should change their aggressive attitude towards the opposition and create an atmosphere for political activities in the state.

Mir said that fifty thousand jobs were announced, but till date, nothing has happened in this direction. Paddy crop of the people of the marginal villages of Jammu division was spoiled, which has not received adequate compensation. On one hand, the BJP is promising to double the income of the farmers, on the other hand, the problems of the farmers are not being resolved. Mir lashed out at the BJP and said that the problems of the people have been increased by setting up toll plazas. Inflation has increased a lot. A favorable climate for political activities is not being created in Jammu and Kashmir.

In the meeting, the Congress discussed accelerating the campaign to increase its reach to the people. Expressing concern over the increasing incidence of crime in Jammu, the committee emphasized on strengthening the security mechanism. Former ministers Raman Bhalla, Haji Rashid, GN Monga, Chief Spokesperson Ravdra Sharma, Manmohan Singh, Shah Nawaz Chaudhary, SS Channi, Shabbir Ahmed Khan, Anayat Ullah Rathar and others attended the meeting.

Do not get caught in the trap of communal polarization: Dr. Karan Singh
Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Dr. Karan Singh has expressed deep sorrow over the huge loss of life and property in the communal riots in Delhi. He said that I appeal to all the people of the community not to fall into the trap of communal polarization. Dr. Singh said that I have been living in Delhi for more than five decades and have also been an MP. I am hurt by the communal riots in Delhi.

The way the property has been damaged, the blot will remain on our capital for a time to come. This is the only loss of life and property. Relief amount should be given to the affected families. The central government responsible for maintaining law and order in Delhi should have intervened at the time when trouble started, but this was not done. Riots continued for three days. Even now without delay, security forces or army should be deployed in Delhi so that riots do not spread to other parts of Delhi. As soon as the situation is normal, a judicial inquiry should be done. Action should be taken on those responsible for this.

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