Useful Tips To Score Good Marks In Board Exam -
Useful Tips To Score Good Marks In Board Exam
Posted 02 Mar 2020 04:59 PM

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These tips and tricks are really useful. Students who are preparing for the board exam, and other examination they should know all these tips and keep these on your mind.

Follow all the steps given below to score good marks in your Board examinations.

Time Management – Daily Routine
Time is one of the most dangerous things, you should take care of. Make a chart for your daily routine and give maximum time to your study. Suppose you spend 6 hours in your bed and rest 18 hours must be used for your exam preparation.

Best Timetable for Board Class Students

A student is never pressurized for earning and other family matters. You are a student so give maximum time to your study. Your daily routine must be like, wake up at 4 o’clock, take 15 min to be fresh and have a cup of tea/coffee. Then open your book. and study until 7 O’clock. Then go for morning walk which is important, then take your breakfast till 8 O’clock. If you are at home then again collect your notes of other subjects and start practicing. Don’t study more than 2 hours continuously take some break in between. Around 1 O’clock take your lunch and then take a nap for 45 min. Then again get ready for your exam preparation.

In the evening you must go with your friends for some entertainment or physical activities. Then around 7 O’clock start your study and then have your diner before 9 O’clock. After your diner, you must revise all the things you read the whole day. Go to bed before 10 O’clock and revise the chart for the next day.

Having Good Food and Drinking More Water Will Help
Healthy Food, water, and juice are high of energy and protein which helps your brain to work fast and also helps in remembering what you studied.

70% of your brain is filled with water so that you must know the importance of water. Regularly drink water and drink more than 2 letters per day.

Well, food will help you to focus on your study and this will also make you physically strong. Which is really important according to the exams. Once you are suffering from fever it will less your 20 to 30 marks in each subject and you have to face a big loss. 20 or 30 marks are really hard to get and these marks will decrease your percentages by 4 to 6.

Doing Meditation For 30 Min Per Will Increase Memory Power by 20%
Make a hobby of doing meditation. First 2 weeks you will feel it useless but once you will realize the benefits of meditation. You will become habitual of it.

Take A Nap & Sleep Well
Relaxation! Doing rest give us pleasure and one of the most enjoyable thing is sleeping while you are tired. Students study full day and worry about their exam. They should not worry about the exam. Students should take a nap or break between long time study.

Don’t study continuously for more than 2 hours. Take 5 to 10 minutes break between your study, it will help you to remind what you learned. Sleeping is the best experience for anyone, but our parents think that this is exam time so you should not sleep for more than 4 hours.

Challenge Yourself
Challenge your self means, set target for doing things before time and doing better with the time. Suppose you got 30% in the first term, then improve yourself and get 50% in the second term. Then work hard and you will get 95% in the final board exam.

You will not succeed until you have not made an ambition to chase. Increase your performance day by day and this will only happen when you will regularly study and follow these steps.

Find Your Weakness
This is important from the perspective of exams, that you should make a not of your weakness either it’s a subject or a chapter or a topic.

Let’s suppose, you are weak in maths, obviously, it will scare you and you will ignore as much as you can. But stop ignoring such subjects because out of five there will be a subject or a chapter which is out of your mind or you are getting bored with it.

So, find your weak point and work on it, I hope you have heard –

“करत करत अभ्यास ते जड़मति होत सुजान
रसरी आवत जात ते शील पर पडत निशान”

Hard work will definitely pay off.

Plan Your Study – Make Important Notes And Select Topics
Make your study plan and include every subject don’t leave anyone. For a day give some hours to particular subjects, subjects which you find are hard schedule on top in the early morning.

Then scoring and one interesting subject keep a side for day time while you get bored of study pick your interesting subject and your time will not waste just looking at the book. Don’t forget to take a nap in between.

Revision is important thing, learn today and revise tomorrow. This key will make you succeed and help you to score well in the board exam. Don’t forget scoring subjects and easy subjects. Sometime students overconfident about some subjects and in the end they find sad faces for the worst paper on that same subject.

Clear Your Concept Instead Of Rote Memorization (Mugging)
Sometime you must use tips and tricks to memorize, don’t ever rote memorize for few subjects like physics and maths. For physics and maths, you must clear your concepts. But you can’t clear your concept of English, Hindi, commerce, history and like these subjects.

To memorize you must know about some tricks like “ईंट पर नाच” and “LAL/KKA” These are really helpful. Sometimes you just have to clear your concept instead of rote memorization. So clear your core first then you will be able to clear your further concept especially in physics, maths, and economics.

Solving Sample Papers And Previous Years Papers Are Bonus Point
Sample paper for board exam are provided officially but only solving then will not give you such an experience of the topper of the class. Collect some sample paper, guess paper and previous year paper and then download them and solve them.

10% – 20% are comes from sample paper each year so that you have to solve sample paper and, only if you solve previous 10 years paper and sample paper you will get more then 60% marks. And rest 30% you have to prepare from important notes and books.

Scoring Subjects Are The Key – Mind It
Never forget, English, and Hindi which are the most common and scoring subjects according to the study. if you score more then 95 marks in both subject and 80 marks in your weak subjects then it will help you to make an average of 90%.

When you are preparing for board exam and other exams, you should give some time for those subjects too, don’t spend your all the time to practicing for tough subjects.

Your scoring subjects or those subjects which are easy according to you will help you to score good – keep in your mind always.

Your Hand Writing and Keen Answer Sheet Will Always Help
Good hand writing give us bonus point, whether we are in class 1 or class 12. Examiner always be impressed with those answer sheets which are keen and clean.

Because they don’t need to put extra efforts to understand our handwriting. They check thousands of copies and each of them is different. So, make your handwriting different and your answer sheet well maintained. So, that examiner will not think about cut your marks for silly reasons.

It’s all about impress examiner so, one of the best way is to impress him/her is clear answer sheet and neat and clean diagrams.

Take Full Of The time – During Exam
You are not complete if you have leave your answer sheet before 3 hours, take full 3 hours to complete your paper, A paper can’t be too easy to complete within 2 and a half hours.

If you are done before the time, then check your question correctly and tie your second copy with first. Don’t forget to mention the second copy as + A or B in first page or answer sheet.

Your 1 mark will make a gap of 0.2% your one mistake will fell you down from 100% to 99.8%. So remember all little things during the examination.

Group Study Will Help
It will obviously help you if you are studying in a group. No one is perfect and no one knows everything. so describe your answer with your friends and listen their answer too.

Then you will come to know what was wrong and what is right. Catch your mistakes and keep them in your mind. make improvement in your answer if you find you missed anything while answering.

Stay Away of Social Media & Cell Phones
One of the disturbing element is mobile phone and second one is that facebook or WhatsApp you are using on it. Its time to say good bye to Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other Messenger apps.

Whether these are important too, if you are sharing notes and all these things. So there is a better option that ask for the phone to your mom or dad or brother and do your work with.

Because once your phone will come to your hand, time will kill you and you will see it at the wall after two hours. So avoid these things.

Teaching Others Is Always The Best way
Separate a day from your daily routine and go with your friends, teach them what you learned. And believe this one is the best method to revise and memorize too.

Your concept will more clear when you will teach any other.

If anybody is not listening to you, forcefully ask him/her for sitting and hearing you. It will help you and him/her also. Just jokes apart but teaching other will help you. If you find no one is around you and you can’t teach anybody then sit in front of a mirror and try to make understood yourself in the mirror.

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