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Holi 2020: Indian destinations to celebrate an unforgettable Holi
Posted 07 Mar 2020 12:47 PM

Source: TOI

Just like every year, Holi 2020 is going to be special for a person who chooses to travel to different places in order to experience the varied celebrations. The most beautiful thing about the Holi celebrations in India is that every place celebrates the festival of colours in its own unique way. Right from the demeanour of the locals of the place celebrating it in their own style to the way in which the festival related activities are carried out, Holi in a lot of places in India differ from each other, and yet each of them manages to retain the basic mood that this traditional festival has been known to bring about.

Having known that, it is the travellers and photographers alike who actually like to take a trip down to different destinations across the country every year in order to experience the unique Holi celebrations of the places. Keeping the same in mind, we have compiled the list of best places to celebrate Holi. Pick the one you like and make your Holi beautiful.

Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

Lord Krishna was born in Mathura, but he was brought up in the nearby town of Vrindavan, which is just 12 km away from the former. One of the most popular places among travellers and photographers who visit this place to witness the Holi celebrations, the Holi at Vrindavan’s Banke Bihari Temple is no less than a spectacle. Known as the Phoolon Waali Holi, the scores of devotees who congregate in this temple on the day of Holi are smeared in different colours. The priests throw flowers and colours at the devotees, who celebrate the festival here with great gusto and fervour. The riot of colours in this place is something stunning to witness.

Basant Utsav, Santiniketan

Those who are already familiar with Shantiniketan, visit this neighbourhood in West Bengal’s Bolpur town to see the Visva Bharati University, which was started by celebrated poet and Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. It was also the place where the poet was born and bred. While this place is already popular as an amazing place for the culture vultures, the Holi celebrations here, also called the Basant Utsav, is one of the most beautiful ones in the country. This festival sees the students of the university not only play with the colours in their traditional attire but also witnesses them giving cultural performances on stage for the visitors who visit the place from different parts. Just as the name suggests, this festival is not just about celebrating with colours but is also about signifying the onset of the spring season.

Yaoshang Festival, Manipur

Unlike the usual Holi celebrations which usually last for upto two days, the Yaoshang Festival of Manipur lasts for a period of six days. Celebrated at the time of Holi, it is one of the most important festivals in this north-eastern state. The celebrations of this festival starts on the full moon day of Phalguna. It is no less than a cultural extravaganza as one gets to witness a large number of folk dance and music performances that take place amidst an environment wherein fluorescent lamps and bonfires are put ablaze and the people play with gulal.

Holla Mohalla, Punjab

While in most parts of the country, people are busy celebrating the festival of Holi with the use of colours, the celebrations done by the Sikh community in the state of Punjab is totally different from the other states. The Holi of Holla Mohalla witnesses a celebration wherein the locals shout out traditional slogans while there are Sikh men on horses, wearing their traditional attire, exhibiting age-old martial arts and other forms of display. Another attraction of this celebration are the delectable local sweets and snacks on offer, including halwas, puris, gujias, and malpuas.

Royal Holi, Udaipur

While Udaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan, the city also has a special place for travellers who like to witness varied celebrations in different parts of the country. The Holi celebrations in Udaipur are all about royalty and traditions. People visit the City Palace for witnessing the traditional Holi celebrations there that are carried out by the Maharaja of Mewar. The Maharaja arrives in a procession wearing traditional royal clothes, which is followed by the lighting up of the bonfire, also known as Holi ka Dahan. The bonfire signifies the triumph of good over evil. After this, the celebrations are carried out with the help of drums, folk songs and dances, cocktails, a lavish dinner, and wonderful fireworks.

The uniqueness of Holi celebration in each city, town and destination of the country is simply a reflection of how varied and diverse India is as a nation. Be it travellers from within the country or those from different far off places of the world, the different Holi celebrations in India make for an amazing spectacle to witness for travellers.

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