Only cow-dung cakes charged with Vedic mantras used at this 3000-year-old Holika Dahan in Ujjain -
Only cow-dung cakes charged with Vedic mantras used at this 3000-year-old Holika Dahan in Ujjain
Posted 10 Mar 2020 12:13 PM

Source: TravelDigest

Holi celebrations are not unique only to Mathura and Vrindavan, but also to the plenty of incredible destinations that follow awe-inspiring Holi practices.

3000 years of Holika Dahan
The Singhpuri area of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, has had a long-standing tradition of celebrating an eco-friendly Holi. Since 3000 years, the residents of Singhpuri have been organizing Holika Dahan celebrations using five thousand cow-dung cakes. The priests of the city sanctify the cow-dung cakes by reciting mantras from the Yajurveda during Pradosh Kaal (twilight), then after, a 50 ft tall Holika mound is prepared with the sanctified cakes. Customarily, people observe night vigil for the full moon night before Holi and light up the fire to the mound of cow-dung cakes at the break of dawn.

Holi of Singhpuri is the oldest and biggest on earth
This Holi is organized by Shri Mahakaleshwar Bhartrihari Vikram Dhwaj Chal Samaroh Samiti, Singhpuri. This committee is run by the Gurjar Gaur Brahmin Samaj of Singhpuri. It is an ancestral tradition that was started 3000 years ago in the wake of the need to protect the environment by abstaining from using wood fuel from the trees. The practice of lighting environment-friendly bonfires to inspire others continues till today. This year, Kanda Holi will be held on March 9.

The Kanda Holi is also believed to be a harbinger of happiness and prosperity in homes. The smoke emitted by cow dung cakes is believed to be further charged with the energy of Vedic mantras works to destroy the negativity prevalent in society.

The early mystics and sages of India believed in the importance of cow dung for the purification of Pancha Tattvas (five elements). The tradition of Singhouri’s Holika Dahan has been written in the annals of Shrut tradition of Jainism.

Graced by the early Rajas
As per a local legend, Raja Bhartrihari had ruled the kingdom of Ujjayini for a short duration in the absence of his brother, Raja Vikramaditya. During his reign, Raja Bhartrihari would often join the Holika Dahan celebrations of Singhpuri.

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