Two day long ‘Pranic Healing Psychotherapy’ course concludes -
Two day long ‘Pranic Healing Psychotherapy’ course concludes
Posted 26 Dec 2016 12:38 PM

Two day course on ‘Pranic Healing Psychotherapy’ organized at MCKS, Pranic Healing, Meditation Centre and Yog Studio, Shastri Nagar, concluded today.
The students of pranic healing attended the course. The course was under taken by Bala Venkatramam, Senior Disciple of Grand Master Choa Kuk Sui, who is founder of Pranic Healing.
Bala explained the role of psychology in Pranic Healing and how to implement Pranic Healing in day to day life, where we come across so much of stress, anger, grief, jealous and how can one protect themselves by adopting Pranic Healing.
She also focused and advised every one to do Pranic Healing courses in today’s era where in there is lot of competition, negative emotions and the thoughts get lodged in to the system leading to various ailments. One should know how to clean the chakras from all the emotional entities, she added.
“Pranic Healing is a no touch scientific way of doing healing, infact distant healing is possible from Pranic Healing”, she stated.
She advised the people to do Pranic Healing courses and spread the benefits of Pranic Healing.
In the end, Jagmeet Kaur, Chairman of MCKS Yog Studio and Organiser of the Course presented vote of thanks.
Among others present were Dr Geeta Basur, Dr Shweta Bhagat, Dr Rita Dingra, Dr Pooja and Sonam.

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