Try these 3 simple chair exercises to get rid of neck and upper back pain -
Try these 3 simple chair exercises to get rid of neck and upper back pain
Posted 09 Jul 2020 03:58 PM



Hunching while using a smartphone or sitting all day long in front of the laptop, any of the situations can cause neck and upper back pain. These two health issues have become quite common in the current scenario when gadgets have become an important part of our life. Staying in the same position for a long time can stiffen your muscles, which leads to inflammation and pain. And stretching is the best solution to get relief from this problem.

Exercise : 1
Step 1: Sit down comfortably on a chair keeping your spine straight legs close to each other.

Step 2: Stretch both your arms in front of you, squeeze your shoulder blades backwards and push them down away from your ears.

Step 3: Keeping your hands straight, gradually lift your hands overhead, so that the tips of your hands are pointing towards the ceiling.

Step 4: Now interlock your fingers and turn your palms upside down (your palms should face towards the ceiling). Your hands should be stretched, elbows locked and shoulder blades squeezed.

Exercise : 2

Step 1: Sit sideways on your chair keeping your back neutral and feet hip-width apart.

Step 2: Place both the hands on the sides of the backrest. Squeeze your shoulder blades and open your chest.

Step 3: Slowly start moving your torso towards the backrest of the chair without physically from the position (You just have to move your torso).

Step 4: Go as far as you can, then hold the pose for 4-5 seconds. repeat the same the other side.

Exercise : 3

Step 1: For the third exercise, stand at a little distance facing the front of the chair. Your feet should be slightly apart from each other.

Step 2: Bend your torso to place both your palm on the edges of the seat of the chair.

Step 3: Stretch your finger upwards (only your palms should touch the ends of the chair). Move backwards to completely stretch your body.

Step 4: Push your hips backwards, lift your arms and look in between your arms towards the chair.

Step 5: Hold this pose for 10 seconds.

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