Laws, Courts losing relevance in BJP rule: Harsh -
Laws, Courts losing relevance in BJP rule: Harsh
Posted 10 Jul 2020 04:28 PM

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Laws, Courts losing relevance in BJP rule: Harsh

| Jammu |

�The famous adage �Rules are for fools� holds good in so far as the ruling party leaders are concerned. This has been observed not only in other states of the country but J&K as well where the BJP leaders giving a damn to the rules and laws have a free play. It�s the BJP leaders who take decisions with regard to the affairs of civil and police administration and have hardly any respect even for the judiciary. There are two sets of laws governing the affairs of the erstwhile state one for opposition and the other for BJP�. This was stated by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister while addressing a press conference in Jammu today.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said the BJP had been running a proxy rule in J&K to impose two sets of law here, one for itself and other for the opposition. �While the BJP ex- Ministers and MLAs are conferred with all kind luxuries of life at the cost of tax payers� money, the leaders of the opposition are being made victims of political vendetta and policy of persecution�. He pointed out that BJP leaders were still occupying the government quarters illegally in brazen defiance of the High Court�s orders for eviction where as many leaders of the opposition had either vacated their residence at will or several others were evicted forcefully from their quarters by the department of Estates. �Ex- Ministers and MLAs of the BJP including its leaders are enjoying the govt. accommodation without paying the rent for several months and without a single penny having been paid as power tariff. It was shocking and disgusting that a Govt. quarter has been allotted to Altaf Bukhari�s JKAP for running its political office adjacent to the residence of BJP�s State President. Isn�t it a loot of public exchequer? Is the notice for eviction only for the opposition and not for the BJP?�, asked Harsh.

Castigating the BJP for pursuing the policy of persecution against its political adversaries, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh regretted that the Saffron brigade had stooped to a new low in politics and was resorting to �witch hunting� against the leaders who had exposed its double standards and raised voice against its acts of duplicity and deceit. He asserted while others may have been cowed down by BJP�s intimidatory tactics, it was only Panthers Party which would continue to unveil all nefarious plans of the Saffron party with sheer audacity. �BJP has held the constitution hostage in J&K. Its dictatorial policy of suppression will not last long. The people have become well versed with its real face. BJP is a murderer of democracy which will face the wrath of public verdict in the next Assembly elections�, roared Harsh. He called upon Lieutenant Governor to take cognizance of the illegal occupation of the government quarters and bungalows by the BJP leaders. He sought early eviction of all ex- Ministers and MLAs from the govt. accommodation besides stern action against the defiant leaders who were illegally occupying the same in collusion with a biased administration.

The today�s episode of gunning down of a notorious gangster in encounter further goes to fortify the general belief that BJP has been acting as Judge, Jury and executioner, all in one, said Singh.

Mr. Gagan Partap Singh, Secretary-JKNPP, Mr. Kunwar Bali, Provincial Vice President & Mr. Surinder Chouhan, District President (Rural) Jammu, Mr. Parth Singh, Block President Khour were also present in the press conference.

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